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  1. Limit switch failure or a partially plugged combustion chamber (mouse nest?). Also, just an FYI. If this is a direct spark model, when it trips out, the circuit board should emit a flashing red light? Count the flashes. I don't have a copy of the manual with me, but Atwood could tell you the issue based on the number of flashes.
  2. Search for a voltage drop calculator on the web. I assumed a 10 amp draw which might be about right for a TV. The calculated voltage drop using your wire size and length was 0.64volts. That's a substantial amount.
  3. How far are your batteries from the inverter? What wire size is between the two? Possibly too much voltage drop which a 12v system can't handle.
  4. Careful with RV distribution panels, especially if you are planning on powering the house primarily with 12v. Many of the units just do not have good converters and put out very little amperage for charging batteries. Then, if you're using 12v in the house, they may not put any charge back into the batteries. My house is primarily 12v power. I use a 40 amp Intellipower converter to charge 4 12v batteries (2 banks of 2 gets me a 20amp charge rate which is about right per battery). I run the four batteries in parallel because on a typical day it will draw them down to about 50%. Deep discharges are hard on batteries - unless you use the more expensive 6v golf cart batteries. I have a couple of inverters in the house to supply 110v power (TV and microwave). I charge batteries once daily for about 3 hours with a 1000 KVa genny and them I'm good for another 21 hours of fishing. What's nice about a decent converter is that I keep the house plugged in all the time when not in use. The converter then float charges the batteries (13.1v) and periodically desulfates them (14.5v).
  5. Just thought I would mention that my couch/bed is similar, and that I used legs from an old cart table to support the overhang. Just hinge em up and push the plywood back to convert to a couch.
  6. I have, sorry no pic with it dropped down
  7. I use any unscented I can find in a can. I think "Sure" is what I currently have. If I have a long walk, whether to a tree stand or on the ice, I'll spray it on more than just my feet.
  8. I have the same auger and it runs like a champ. I did go through numerous gas lines due to shrinkage and leaks. Now I store the auger with a full tank of stabilized gas. Helps, I might get 4-5 years on a gas line now. To the OP, did you try simple stuff first. Loosen gas cap and try running it. Could be a vent issue.
  9. Just a simple tip that hasn't been mentioned. Spray your feet with antiperspirant before gearing up.
  10. Well, I picked up a couple. I use an Iphone 4S and they work fine but I have yet to have an opportunity to try them on the ice. I'm particularly interested in effective range through my metal-sided fish house.
  11. I have a Windgard batwing antenna with boost and all I ever get on Red Lake is PBS and similar stations. No networks.
  12. 14 amps at 110v seems about right. It should run a 15 amp battery charger without even working up a sweat. I have a 1000W Sinemaster (Honda knockoff) that I bought 11 years ago. It was half the price of the Honda and still runs like a champ. I use it to charge my batteries through a 40 watt intellepower converter and this little genny is maxed at this rate. It takes me 3 hours to charge a bank of 4 batteries and then I'm good for another 24 hour period (unless the microwave gets used too much). For those with 2000 watt generators that never get past idle, it is a good practice to periodically plug something in that will make these units grunt for a bit. It will help keep the stators clean and the unit running well over the long term.
  13. I checked my software and it said version 1.5 and I'm updating to 2.1. Hopefully no issues after this update is complete.
  14. I've been attempting to download the Navionices app to my android backflip phone but I can't seem to find the app in the Market. I see the app in Goggle Play but I can't list my device to download (Play not supported by my phone vendor?). How can I get this app on my phone?
  15. I too agree that it's likely the generator (clipped modified sine wave). To test, check voltage while charging with the gen and again while charging with house current.
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