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  1. Mike_D Your dilemna is like deja vu. I am in the process of having a fish house built and started out in the same spot you are. After LOTS of research, we decided to go with an Ice Castle fishhouse (6.5x16). We took a drive to the plant in Montevideo and walked through at least 30 fishhouses there - to get ideas for the layout. After that, we drew up plans for the custom shack. We honestly could not build the house for much cheaper than their quote. Good luck!
  2. Cool pictures, but isn't cock-fighting illegal in MN??
  3. I feel your pain... now get back to work!!
  4. I want to try some dead bait for Northern fishing - where can I get a hold of some freeze dried bait fish? Not looking for mail order if possible - hoping to locate a local retailer/bait shop. Thanks in advance for any info!
  5. The crabby shack in downtown Shakopee? Been there too - I will not go back unless I am in DIRE need of bait. Was there last week and received the same grumpy, arrogant service I always have gotten. What a shame...
  6. Hey dead eye blind, Skewered meat on their beaks, eh? I challenge you to put your "snipe meat" where your mouth is. The next time I see you, I want to see your culinary creation and watch you actually eat it.
  7. PLfisherman, This doesn't answer your question, but could you post what you find out from the local DNR officer? We hunt about 1 mile south of there and have always wondered the same thing. Also, if you would be so kind to scare the geese/ducks south for us, we would be much obliged.
  8. Anybody eat snipe out there? We shot a couple of snipe this weekend and cleaned them up - but all the duck meat got mixed in the marinade bowl and we lost track of which pieces they were. Didn't get sick yet, but just curious if anyone else bothers with cleaning/eating the little runts.
  9. Nothing great, but it was fun! Except for looking into the glaring sun. Saturday, got woodies, mallards, teal, snipe, and one goose. Ten total birds. Sunday, was the same story; woodies, mallards, teal, snipe, and one goose. Eight total birds. Already thinking about the fun to be had this coming Saturday...
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