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  1. FYI, check out www.ryansatvracks.com they have the HAND-E-HOUSE and was at the last Iceleaders event. It's bigger than the glacier, you can fish two lines, it's 6' tall so you ( most of us ) can stand up in it. They stay on the ATV all the time, you can load it in the back of your truck and drive down the freeway no problem.
  2. Just my .02 www.ryansatvracks.com has a auger mounting system for ATV's and some put them on the front of snowmobiles. I know Dave Genze has them on his snowmobile. Strike Master makes a cover for the powerhead that is only a few $ and it keeps the snow out.
  3. I have some in my fishtrap II, they work ok and I just carry with a second battery for my Vex. I got them from a friend that works for a motor cycle parts store but I think you can get them in most auto parts stores. With the kids puting in all the extra lighting in cars now days I think you will find something that will work. I also took a peace of conduit and mounted a 12 volt light on the top. Ran the wires 3/4 the way down with gattor clips on the end that go to the bat. You can just stick it in the snow and use it when needed for unhooking fish or rebaiting. When I pack up I just throw the light stick as I call it in the bottum of the trap and away I go.
  4. Hi guys, I am new to the Ice Leaders group but am an active member this year in giving away some gear at the ice fishing events. Stop by the booth #410 and say Hi! We are showing for the first time our new HAND-E-HOUSE so give us some input good or bad on what you think. Thank you and see you at the show! www.ryansatvracks.com Tim Ryan Ryan's ATV Racks Inc. PO Box 149 Lindstrom, MN 55045 Phone 651-257-3548 1-800-618-2987
  5. I live on the south west side of the lake and the wind just blew what little ice off.
  6. I just picked up a new trailer tonight, I couldn't find a used one so bit the bullet. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Hi eveyone, I am looking for an enclosed snowmobile / ATV trailer. 7'W x 20 - 24' V-nose with ramps front and back plus a side door.
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