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    Know your liar, u-h-h-h fisherman, and you'll know whether to divide his catch total, fish's weight, etc., by 2 or 4 or 10!
  2. I've seen a number of good fish lost by anglers who try to adjust their drag during the fight. I set my drag relatively loose, and don't engage the anti-reverse until it's time to put the rod & reel away. I think the drag is fine for average-size fish and even larger fish that aren't known for fighting qualities. I've seen large trout-salmon-hybrid stripers move so-o-o fast that a drag is an impediment to landing the fish. But, probably most important, when using no-stretch lines the drag will often contribute to ripping the hook out of the fish's mouth, where backreeling won't.
  3. Tonight will be our third straight night with temps in single digits (northcentral Wyoming). Geese were standing on the pond this a.m. . . .I may scout a bit tomorrow (for smaller water with safe ice).
  4. How much of the snowmelt runs into the river(s) depends upon how dry the ground is that the snow falls upon. If the ground is very dry, it will absorb much of the moisture. Once the soil's moisture is replenished, runoff will increase during subsequent moisture events. Everything helps. . .even if most of this snow's moisture is absorbed by the soil, it will contribute to runoff conditions later this spring.
  5. It's a shame the legal ramifications of leaving a "surprise" (not lethal, but perhaps disabling) for intruders are so great. I could actually see doing six months in the county lockup if I knew that some sticky fingers wouldn't steal from others. But, then again, maybe I'm just having a difficult day and am feeling a little meaner than usual.
  6. I like my 12-year-old Jiffy 10" Legend.
  7. Just wanted prospective buyers to know that the 8" blades are $49.95 to replace. Oh, and FYI: I'm not good at sharpening knives, so I doubt that I would be successful repairing damaged auger blades.
  8. Thanks for the responses. eyewinder
  9. I bought an 8-inch Nils hand auger last year and was so happy with it that I felt like I could retire the gasser, at least here in Nebraska where ice rarely exceeds 10 or 12 inches. It cut smoothly, quickly and was well worth the $100 price tag.
  10. HH: You may be able to borrow someone else's transducer for at least a few minutes to determine whether that's your problem. Or, if you held on to your FL-8, you could try the transducer from it, couldn't you?
  11. I picked up my 8-incher last winter and don't use my Jiffy 10-inch gasser nearly as much. After using the NilsMaster a couple of times, the effects of stickershock (around $100) became VERY bearable.
  12. Thanks. . .I may have to stop by a Cabela's farther north than the one I visited. It was their smallest store (Kearney, NE), and I think they had one suitcase style and a one-man flip-over (might have been a Trap). Regardless, the "gift card" will not go unspent!
  13. After reading of the "gift card" here, Saturday I picked up the Vex FL-18 that I've been lusting after the past couple of years. Store personnel promised that they'd have a better selection of flip-over shelters before the first of the year -- that's where my $150 "gift card" will go. There's a couple of ways of doing the math on this deal, but if I figure that I'm getting $650 in merchandise for $500, that's about 23% off (somebody check my math). While it's not what I'd call a giveaway, it gave me a reason (excuse?) to buy a couple things that I couldn't justify (in my own mind) otherwise. ?? Does anyone know for sure whether the "gift card" must be used in-store, or can it be used for mailorder??
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