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  1. lunge

    Western Wisconsin Musky??

    head over to eau clare you got lake wassota,chippewa river,holcombe flowage,eau clare river- wassota is were id go
  2. lunge

    tackle addiction

    I gotta say since I developed the muskie bug, kick'n dope was the easy one- I just thinned out my collection, fortunatley for my brother(who always needs more) now has some extra poles- is it just me or does everyone like to have a rod/reel/lure for each specific depth and presentation? my wife just rolls her eyes at me now, at least fishing is a clean hobby, no worry of being arrested/going to jail
  3. lunge

    Pike Help/Advice

    im not a guide or a pro but heres my .02/ I guess I wouldnt target openwater/suspended fish but if it was me id be looking at secondary breaks, breaks adjacent to flats/structure, and transitions fom current/no current. due to the time of year you would most likely do well in the shallows- im not sure of the water temps but im sure that the pike are in 8-10' poss 12-15' but again look for the shorelines that are in the sun for most of the day or that get sun first- I like swimbaits/ im sure you have dawg or two but the pike up there like the dawgs- id try that new MI slither in the slop, I pour one similar and its great for slop fish- but you cant beat a spinnerbait or spoon. im also partial to the esox research-ddd's and dd's. storm makes those large swimbaits as well and for the price you cant beat them- over the winter ive made some double 6's with a single hook and grubtrailer wtih flashabou and so for the pike have loved em- ill be in northern Wi by the end of the week using them up there- but whatever you do have fun and tight lines
  4. lunge

    Weedline trolling

    Imo its prime time to troll the weedlines- ive been out a few times and have done real well, ive found as well that the tried and true daredevil is the way to go, ive alot trolled some double 6's I made over the winter and they produced as well. I ran one board tight to the cover and one flat lined straight off the back I ran spoons tight to cover and cranks/larger spinners off the back. 36" is the biggest so far- I figgure do it now before the milfoil takes over any more? why not right
  5. lunge

    your favorite pike lures?

    3/4 silver minnow with 4-6" grub trailer, double 6/7's with flashabou/ with grub trailer, 6-8" sucker on a quickstrike- hard to beat a white spinnerbait and rattletraps
  6. lunge

    learning to use a baitcaster

    they should be on a little peg,just slide/pop the plastic cap part out to the rim of the spool, start with a few. that should be all you need..... good luck
  7. lunge

    Treble hook options

    no, I was hanging from a rope, and the hook was hanging by a cable
  8. lunge

    Bass casting rod and reel

    shimano citca/ any decent rod- on got a citca on a berkley lightnigrod 7' mh 10-25 and ive caught muskies, with no problems. I spooled it with 20 lb pp, and its been solid. 150-160 no loomis/croix but works for me- I use it for bass/ catfish, mostly a live bait rod(large shinners-small suckers)
  9. lunge

    Treble hook options

    I got alot of the vmc 4x in the 3/0-5/0 size for some lures ive made over the winter and they are nice hooks and cheaper than some. I also ordered some big mustads for my double 10's. gottem from [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] and in bulk you get a discount. I hung my body weight from them and they bent but not sraightend out, and im at 170. and that was on one hook. theyalso have some 6x but they are massive. you can get them in long/short shank in three different colors
  10. lunge


    alot easyer to pull, you gota burn em though otherwise the willows dont want to turn very well. I caught a large pike for the s.wi opener on one, havent had anyother action though
  11. lunge

    moss on shakes

    if you use a good penetrating sealer you shoulnt have a proplem, if you are staining your shakes look into sikkens cetol- trust me you wont regret, then every couple year run over it with a pressure washer. I dont know if its sold around here but at my house in fl, I mixed algecide/ with my wood sealer- it prevents stuff from growing on wood. just guessing but your probably having this problem under trees, or the shady side of your house? sometimes if the woods always wet it seems to attract growth more than other area of the structure. good luck
  12. lunge

    bass vs walleye

    either when esox are not bitting, both are quite predictable.smallies over lm, bass are a filler fish-fillin and killin time
  13. does anyone camp up there. ive spent a number of weeks up there, and have fished it alot. Im just looking for some info on certin lakes ive never been on before. looking for pike info on crooked, and general fishing on mountain lake. anyinfo would be great.
  14. lunge

    Clearcoat application to lures

    if you use devcon you dont need to turn them constantly- rotate slowly for a few minute to make sure the coating looks as desired then hang by eyelet over night- I recoat in ten min so the two coats adhere together. I guess there are some real nice urthaines out there that cure quick and needs minimal turning-
  15. lunge

    Making bucktails??

    grab the wire real good with a needle nose or needle nose vise grips and start to get your loop, then if you pound a nail into a stud or something you canget your loop to look like a loop/you may have the flip from on side to the other to get the shape/size right- then take your loop put it into a tabletop vise and crank the tag end around with .062 wire, if you leave a 5-7" tag its easyer to twistaround. and while you twist angle the tag back in towrds the loop and this will tighen the loops around the shaft. the only way to trim effectivly is with a dremel, if you add shrink wrap to the rear treble it dont matter if its round or not, only you knows it not round- this is how I make the loops on my double 10's. I usally leave about a half inch between my rear coil/or rear weight and the loop other wise there is binding issues on the clevis's, and if you havent made them before make sure you have some room between you blades and the flashabou/marabou/bucktail, otherwise the blades will get into the dressing. and if you shrinkwrap the rear treble it keeps the treble inline with the lure, helps with hook ups- and for cheaper coils- go to the hardware store and get throtle cable and take the coating off the coil/ and use the carolina egg sinkers for weights, nail polish works for thread cement, and for the best prices check out lurepartsonline.com-good luck