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    BUI Laws

    Another thing you don't want is to become a statistic of the men found drown with their pants around their ankles or their fly open with their dingaling hangin out. I've almost made that mistake before standing on the bow in the wind trying to keep my boat carpet dry.

    favorite frozen pizza?

    Morrelli's pizza's from Morrelli's market in St. Paul. Great store. Meat, italian food and the cheapest booze in the state.


    I've been thinking about going out and giving it a shot for something to do other than stare at my vexilar. If you go make sure that you get a new license. Even if you have a sportsmans license the hunting portion expires feb 28 but the fishing portion doesnt until the end of april.

    How old is your auger?

    I have a 3 year old eskimo mako that I bought after my strikemaster got stolen from my garage. I see why it was on clearance, its a pile and I plan on replacing it. It was underpowered right out of the box but several things have happened to it. The choke broke and it leaked gas, The trottle asembly fell apart, the carb rattled loose, and The gas cap cracked. also the blades cant be sharpened but have to be replaced. Just my opinion but I would not buy one. Get a jiffy, I have a couple friends that have had jiffy's for over 20 years.

    Crow Hunting? I want to try it...

    My advise is invest a few bucks in a good crow call. The last couple time that I went we had a blast. They dont seem that smart when you shoot and miss and 30 second later they turn around and head right back at the call. Hide yourself though, they seem to have pretty good vision. We just drove down a logging road and stopped along a few different cedar swamps playing the call and iff we got a response we would hide and get ready. We had hundreds circling around a gravel pit one day.
  6. I have'nt spent much time out in farm county since pheasant season ended and just wondering what some of you guys are seeing. Looking at a snow depth map it looks like it might be a tough season next fall. The snow was already pretty deep in a lot of areas back in december and the cover was getting pretty well buried and since we've had a lot of winter with above average snows, below average cold and and a heck of freezing rain event just before new years. Just looks bad IMO and its only the first week of feb.
  7. I thought it was good. Maybe better than last years "peak". Was able to go out and walk for a few hours and shoot a limit more than once and had a chance to do it most days I was out. I know I at least went through a lot of shells.

    What gun do you have?

    I have several but most of the time I'm using my Franchi 48 Al 20 gauge. Its as light as they get when it comes to an auto and I have the rare 3 inch mag thye dont make any more so its got plent of pop.
  9. I think the pheasants worst enemy right now is crop prices. I've noticed a lot of CRP gone and a lot of old farmsteads torn down and turned into a bonfire this year.

    Wolf Delisting

    I dont see whats wrong with saying I kill them for fun. Most of us on here kill lots of stuff for fun. We do it in a respectable way and dont waste but we do it for enjoyment. I bet wolf hunting is fun.

    I'm thinking it's done...

    The walking is getting tough and I have got my feet wet but Its been kinda nice actually, zero people tracks in some of my favorite state spots and i dont think some of those birds have been bothered deep in the sloughs. It seems like they either jump way out though or sit so tight that I've stomped on them to get em up. After a couple hours of getting frustrated thursday seeing big groups jumping 200 yards out I got lucky and snuck up on a group of at least 75 birds picking beans in the sun. Total mayhem for about 20 seconds. Hit a quick triple but couldnt find one of them. One of them was one of the oldest looking birds I've ever seen, big sharp curved spurs a 23 inch tail feather and a really fatty yellow body.
  12. Last year i tracked one by blood for almost 40 yards through the long grass with no snow on the ground. Never found it but couldnt believe how far it could run bleeding so bad. At least when you wound a grouse they try and duck down under the nearest fallen tree instead of run like a rooster.

    Alone in the wilderness.

    I cant remember the name of it but theres a second film about this guy too. There is something appealing about living such a simple life in the woods but at the same time you cant mate with caribou if you know what I'm saying.
  14. Was out near the SD border today and saw quite a few. They're grouped up now after the snow. Half a dozen times I jumped between 30 and 75 birds but they were a solid block away. As soon as I got busted by 1 the whole flock would go. I did manage to catch a couple straglers but mostly just the hens sat still. Looking at a couple of the groups I would say the rooster to hen ratio is about 6 or 7 hens to every rooster. I did manage to cap a coyote that I could'nt find and i wasnt going to test the ice tracking him by myself. He ran out of an island in a slough and stopped in the wide open, when i shot him he did about a 3 ft vertical jump. Think I interupted his pheasant hunting.