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  1. Seriously rebel. You have issues. Get help!
  2. Wow! That's pretty low. You should be ashamed!
  3. I keep meaning to stop by that place on A&H but haven't yet. There are a few options in Spooner too. The Holiday right by the Economart grocery store has bait. There's a bait shop on Vine St. In "downtown" Spooner. Then there is AAA sports by Spooner lake.
  4. Here's a pretty interesting looking walleye from yesterday.
  5. Jarrid and I are just getting off the lake now. Still not much action in the shallows. We have not hit nebagemon yet. We were on a couple other lakes today chasing with not much panfish luck yet. Just a few. Hard to stay away from the hammer handle pike though. A couple quickly released bonus eyes for me today.
  6. Right now someone has their lure sitting on the bottom in front of the New London cam. I actually watched a sucker pick it up and drop it a few times. Pretty cool!
  7. I suggest googling smitty sled to anyone looking for ideas. There is another site with a long going thread on them. Lots of ideas/options out there. I just built a sled with an elevated platform like this so I can put different shacks on it as needed. Mine is not collapsible like this one, just screwed together. Only pic I have of mine.
  8. This is the answer to your troubles.
  9. I built a smitty sled this year and I am kicking myself for not having done it years ago. I can pull my otter lodge (which is pretty big) and all my gear with one hand pretty easily now when it was pretty tiring for me before.
  10. Spooner area about 45 min due east has fishable ice. Should be able to get out around that area too. Good luck guys. BE SAFE! It's early still. Headed out to 5-6 inches today in the duluth area.
  11. Sherpa


    Are you saying pan or Pam?
  12. Sherpa


    Yep, me too. Basically stopped when it hit the thumbnail. I just grabbed it with the leatherman and yanked it out. Had to kind of wiggle it first to make the hole big enough. Almost no pain somehow.
  13. Every single word out of the drill instructors mouth in the beginning of Full Metal Jacket is pure gold in my opinion. Can't really repeat much of it here though. So many quotable lines in that movie.
  14. No problem, good luck. Looks like kicker makes one that is 3 1/4" x 14 1/4" x 9 3/8" With a built in amp. Lots of options out there I'm guessing.
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