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  1. Guess I better find another place to get my largemouth fix....would have liked to fish it one more time though...
  2. Is anybody fishing this anymore? Is it even fishable and did any fish survive the low oxygen levels of the winter? Looking to chase some largemouth for a while until the rivers drop and I can go back to chasing smallies.....
  3. Daze Off

    H20 or H20c

    Anyone have one of these units that they are willing to lend me for a couple weeks? Mine crapped out and I need something for navigation for a couple of trips on the river above Brainerd.
  4. Thanks dude = nice to have definitive answer. We apparently have been blessed with a few of these birds or one very hungry one...
  5. I'll have to check out the ones you suggest...I also thought it was female goldfinch but the olive green steered me away and the body shape does not seem right...thanks for the help guys!
  6. Anyone know what kind of bird thisis? Never seen one before and not in any of our bird books. Prefers the grape jelly at the oriole feeder but has taken some seed as well.
  7. No - the breeder used small breed because the kibble was smaller....
  8. When we got our lab he was 6 wks old and was eating Eucanuba Small Breed Puppy food...we tried to transition him to Nutro brand but it gave him very loose stools so we went back to his original food and everything was fine...then we tried to transition to Diamond Lamb & Rice Lg Breed Puppy and it was going fine but now that the transition is almost complete the stools are loosening up again...we went VERY slowly (changing by 1/4 cup/week). Have read some things about Diamond that I am not liking and did a bit of research and saw that something called Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover is rated better than most well-known commercial foods. Should we stablize the dog again by going back to Eucanuba for a while and then try switching again or just move to the Chicken Soup version? Anyone else use this Chicken Soup food? Should I be looking at something else instead for a lab? This dog is supposed to end up around 90 lbs...he is 14 weeks and around 32 lbs now... Thanks for any help you can provide!
  9. The vets at Ramsey Animal Hospital are great and they are the least expensive around....not much of a place to look at but does the job....
  10. Thanks everyone for the responses - will probably go for it if the wind cooperates with the location of the smoker on the deck as I am not about to stay outside and watch the temp in those conditions. Honey is out for the brine but may go ahead and try the artificial sweetener and see what the results are....I used the XL ziplocs in the past and a huge pot I use for chili. We stored it in the fridge during the brining process. Have a great turkey day all!
  11. We were planning on smoking our turkey this year but the weather is making me think twice....I have a gas smoker and I am wondering if it is worth the effort given the weather forecast (teens, windy, snow)? Anyone ever tried running a basic cabinet smoker in that kind of weather? Was thinking of putting it on our deck so I can watch the temp from inside the house but how tough is it to keep temp steady in those conditions?...We've got a 12 pound turkey so will take at least 6 hours I'm thinking. Brine: almost all the recipes call for sugar - has anyone ever used a sugar substitute like Sweet-n-Low instead? Does that work? My wife is allergic to sugar so we have to keep it at absolute minimum if at all.
  12. Thirty years ago I would've definately been tempted to give it a whirl. Wanted to work with the harvester crews that start in the Dakotas and work their way down through Kansas too - long hours, hard dusty work, living on the road. Seems kind of appealing. Will always regret not going for something like DC, SOTL, or some such...
  13. I think their egos got the better of them...still sounds like a pretty simple deal - they signed a contract to do something and did not do it...if the contract was not fair they should not have signed it....either way, do what you agreed to do and let it go! Show is starting to turn into a bit of a soap opera anyway...
  14. I say turn them into an Arena Football team and let them play at Excel Center....problem solved...
  15. Did you get out on the river and, if so, how did you do? I was on the Anoka stretch Sunday and it stunk - awesome day on the water but almost didn't get the skunk out of the boat and weeds on just about every cast - what wasn't floating was on the bottom....can't wait for it all to pass through. Might go back to the Rum for awhile until it gets a bit better.
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