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  1. Passed on a few Tom's the first morning hoping my granddaughter would have a chance. She had to go home to her moms Friday afternoon without a bird. I've been checking the area and found a bunch of birds but they are not coming out in the open for me. So I set up a blind in the woods yesterday and shot this guy at 0635. Now to let them settle down for next sat morning, getting my granddaughter back for a week. The bird is well over 20 lbs
  2. Well did my home work again this spring, had 7 Tom's within 20 yrds. The one I took was 8 yrds from me, oh did I forget to mention I had over 100 birds on this 80 acre piece. The woods come alive around 610 am. Now to get ready for a walleye tourney the 26 and 27. Good luck to all my hunting buds.
  3. Congrats, DrJ now the suspence. Looks like the team is definitely putting a stop to the strutters.
  4. Yes the trout was biting also, we both brought home 5
  5. Even with all the snow gone, they still dont want to come out in the fields. Even this morning i really got on the slate, this one come in at 640. Now im cayching brown trout. Good luck fellas
  6. Well it looks like a successful morning, buddy got his bird. Weieghed in at 25.6#'s 10" beard and spurs 1 1/8". Heres the happy hunter.
  7. Looks like ill be taken a buddy out this wed. I enjoy calling one in for somebody just as much as shooting one. Hopefully everything works out for this is only his 2nd year at it. Last year i took him and he shot a dandy bird with a 11 1/4 beard and 1 1/8" spurs and weighed a little over 23#'s.
  8. Birds in my area are too responsive, and yes i had 2 big fellas come in to my 1 tom and 2 hen set up. Accually i had the whole flock coming in and it was load with the hens and all the toms. One thing i fogured out is if there is alot of birds dont be soft calling. I tried to top the old hen and thats what pulled them my way. Good luck to my team and hopfully everybody could have a morning like I did, it wont be forgotten.
  9. Heres a couple pictures we took after my work meeting and waking up the wife.
  10. KooWell team i got a nlce tom this morning, longest spur is 1 1/16 and beard is over 10.5 " and i know he' s well over 20 #'s . Off to work and ill get pictures up later on. Heres one for now.
  11. I hit the woods yesterday morning and snuck into a little clearing and ended up being anout 50 yards from where they were roosting. They were very vocal and a few hens sounding off too. Soon as i started to call after they flew down the hens really got into it and accually pulled the toms to the west of me. I did get 1 to come in but only had like a 5-6 inch beard and 2 differnt groups of jakes so knowing there is around 20 toms in the flock of 80 or so i passed on him . Pretty hard to compete with that many hens. The snow is finaly starting to go so i think it will only get better. Heading out in the morning for a short hunt due to work.
  12. Ill be gitting this piece wed morning, tomorrow around noon ill be setting up the blind. This morning alot of birds in this area but none come o,So im going in.
  13. Well i didnt see any birds but i heard them and alot of them. Looks like ill be in the woods this year, cause in years pass with snow on the ground they stay inside. Checking on another piece on monday which has alot of birds and a standing corn field. Anybody else been out scouting?
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