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  1. I would love both versions please..... 30incheyes @ charter.net
  2. Nice 26" Walleye about 2 years ago...... 90 ft of water early October of that year ...... Had to keep it ...wanted to release it but I didn't think it make it!!!!!
  3. Quote: my first job was a dishwasher at a restaurant that claimed to have the "worlds best onion rings" (The Junction Inn ..hwys 169/60 s. of mankato) I agree I have yet to find something better then those rings... We went there often before they closed.. I grew up in Courtland...so indeed we went to the Junction .... Thanks for the secret
  4. I upgrade my 1994 Suburban to a 2001 Ford Excursion pretty much took care of the fishing fund !
  5. I agree too much bad comes from the news.... I think going fishing and listening to some Polka music makes the mind go at ease! If you catch a meal it's just a BONUS!
  6. Brother Bro


    Localguide your SLACKING.... 5 dozen and all them lawns man...when I was a young'n I did better than that.... I'll stop by in a couple of days and get your rewards! Keep working at it someday you'll be like your old man
  7. If you have the skin on the fillets like walleye's or even crappies and northern's one can do them on the grill....I hardly ever do fish in grease any more..... I do that all the time... Season for your tastes... I use Lipton herb and garlic with melted butter baste... em..em good..
  8. I have been using a crosslock snap for a few years now. The best thing I like about is I can switch my lure out really easy and fast. I will second or third localguide on the crosslock...mainly if you fish during dark.... or just plain lazzy tying the correct knot...hahha..really I like them much easier too switch lures......
  9. I Have a 2003 TP 185 with a Johnson 140 hp four stroke and love it.... Boat is rated for a 200 hp but I can go Wide open trimmed going about 42mph with water in wells/gas 2 people... The ride is fantastic with lots of storage..I really like the rod locker storage for 10 rods... I would recommend this boat to anyone...It really comes down to what you want... Some people are brand loyal.. some like Lund or Crestliners ... it's just like the snowmobile crowd... whatever makes you happy and fits your budget.. I owned a smaller crestliner before this ! search for localguide and you'll see the picture ! Good Luck !
  10. I know him....his name is Al Zwach from New Ulm .... Al is a vivid fisherman.....He also works for Northland Tackle... If anyone recalls from Outdoors weekly (Jan 10th 2003 ) from last year... there was a picture of him holding 8 lb 8 oz smallie also.....Good for him CPR the walleye back into the MN River..... Lots of jealous FM'ers I guess some of us should be fishing the river instead !
  11. If you go out to Hulgrens point ......anywhere from 50-60 ft to 104 ft...... jig and minnow! really doesn't matter what color jigs ..... but I think the fish have moved from there now! Good Luck !
  12. sorry still trying!! [This message has been edited by Brother Bro (edited 10-07-2004).]
  13. Brother Bro


    My prayers go out to you and your family. I can't imagine what's it like to lose a child...But I know several who have ..... May God be with You and your family !!! She is in Good Hands and in Peace ! Tim ------------------ Brother Bro Work Less Play More
  14. Skinnylee...just wondering what you paid for them?? what was the size of wire? ------------------ Brother Bro Work Less Play More
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