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  1. Below is the portion of the 1837 treaty that pertains to hunting and gathering. For starters it never mentions "rights" , only a "privilige". Further more no where does it state that that they have the authority to create thier own rules or laws pertaining to these priviliges. It merely states they have the guarantied privilige to keep hunting or gathering. Article 5 The privilege of hunting, fishing, and gathering the wild rice, upon the lands, the rivers and the lakes included in the territory ceded, is guarantied to the Indians, during the pleasure of the President of the United States
  2. I hunt some of the fringe bluff areas in south eastern MN and the wind can be a real treat down in the bottoms. Keeping track of wind and learning how it acts as it sweeps thru the valleys is paramount to success.I use the puff bottles constantly but also use little pieces of cotton Q-Tips. The prices of cotton can just float for ever on the lightest of currents.Alot like milkweed I suppose. Watching them go can be a real eye openner on how the wind flows.
  3. 44 - Yes However , "Would you support rules that would help create a more balanced age structure and a more balanced buck to doe ratio" might be a better question.
  4. Yes , there are quite a few states that have antler restrictions in place in some shape or form. Just a brief Google search turns up Pennsylvania , Texas,New York, Michigan,Georgia,Arkansaw and New Hampshire, to name a few , as having statewide ,or more commonly regional antler restrictions in place. I'm sure there are others as well,just dont have time too look right now. Without alot of indepth studying of any of these places my geuss is there are many studies/pilot programs similar to what we do here in MN for some of our state park hunts.
  5. The whole basis of qdm is to create a healthy herd. A herd that isnt over or under populated and has a wide range of deer ages. Too many are focused on the "trophy" aspect of qdm. Mature deer , yes often trophies , are a by product of a healthy, well balanced deer herd. If we want a biologically healthy herd then we need deer of all ages. By shooting the majority of the young deer our herd will be dominated by young immature deer from year to year. And yes I remeber the 70's and 80's.
  6. Skee , I should have been a little mote specific on the EAT thing. My thought there was IF we ever got to the point where a standard license was for an anterless deer and we had a draw for an "any deer" tag a person could alternatively purchase an EAT tag where they had to shoot a doe but couldnt shoot a buck unless it was size "x" . It would give anyone who wasnt able to draw a buck tag the chance to still shoot a buck. Albeit it would have to be over a certain minimum. It would be an option ,not a mandate. Odds are we will never get to the draw for buck tags but if we do its an example of a possible option to allow a person to still shoot a nice one under the draw secenario.
  7. Having read all the different threads on qdm vs status quo I figured I'd add my two cents or more probably. First nice job to the op on letting the little guy walk. A little discretion can go along ways towards improving the age of the bucks seen on local basis. I don't think there's any question that qdm works to improve structure, age and overall herd health so its really a matter of social issues and mind sets. Keep in mind how long its taken to get to where people actually practice selective harvest while fishing instead of stringering up every fish they catch. There seems to be two distinct crowds, those for improved age structures ( and yes rack size) and those for status quo and the reasons for thier opinions vary from person to person. Personally I dont see qdm as limiting or taking away the opportunity from anyone to harvest a deer.Its more a matter of which deer we shoot. I hear alot of people talk about the young and old losing out on opportunity etc. However, any well thought out qdm effort would take that into account via youth and senior licensing options etc. We also hear the "people will lease up all the good spots" argument. As much as I hate to say it leasing is increasingly going to become a way of hunting life no matter what. As more people want qdm in place they are more likely to lease tracts just in order to improve thier own hunting ,irregardless of any state rules. Another arguement would be those that dont want the DNR telling them what to shoot. Well, they already do in deer hunting with the 3" anlter rule and the various lottery zones etc. Look at duck and pheasant regulations as other examples where regulations dictate what you can and cannot shoot. Why any different for deer? We also hear from the people where deer populations are very low and you pretty much have to shoot what you see or you go without. In that regard I think people need to realize that there is no cookie cutter set of regulations that will cover the entire state. Certain areas would benefit from a solid qdm effort but there are other areas of the state, due to deer popoulations and habitat, where its just not feasible right now. I think the DNR needs to aproach deer management similar to the way they manage fisheries using the toolbox approach.Some areas will likely have to stay brown its down while various levels of qdm could be implemented in others.In the future I could see some areas designated as "trophy " areas that have draws for buck tags and antler restrictions where others there may be no draw but instead just have basic antler restrictions and others where any deer is legal etc etc. Any regulations would have to take into account the local or regional variables. The argument of not wanting more rules or that the rules are too complicated also gets brought up from time to time as well. However, if you were to look on-line at some of the regulations in other states you'd find MNs regs are pretty tame and straight forward. Its really just a mtter of figuring out where you hunt and focusing on the rules that apply there. As more rules are put in place I think the DNR will have to do a slightly better job of spelling out the regs on a region to region basis but certainly the complications of getting the rules out in a fashion that the vast majority can understand shouldnt be show stopper. Realistically any effort to improve the deer hunting in MN is going to be slow process as the mind set begins to change. I think if we take it in small steps we can improve our deer hunting without negatively effecting anyones opportunity.Yes Uncle Bud may have to shoot a doe instead of shooting his 2nd forkhorn of the year but overall the impacts shouldnt be overly devastating to anyone.Start out with eliminating cross tagging of bucks , yes it may be a little difficult to enforce at first but a majority of hunters are honest and will abide by the rules.After a couple of years this will seem like second nature and no big deal. Follow that up with antler restrictions in some areas, draw for buck tags in some areas,EAB or EAT ( must shoot doe and then the buck must meet certain trophy requirments etc) or maybe even moving the seasons in some areas. There are a variety of licensing and regulatory possibilities that can be used ( again all of these options would have to be based on regional herd populations etc ) Slowly move to where we have good solid foundation for qdm practices and slowly but surely people will see the benefits of it and get on board. If we just make small changes , a little here a little there it can eventually add up to where we have some outstanding deer hunting here in MN ( not that its not good already in many areas of the state) I truly think we can accomplish better deer hunting for everyone in this state with just a few painless changes.Its just gonna take awhile. Sorry for the long post but figured I had to chime in. Now its off to the ice!!!
  8. Sounds like you already have some good advice here.I gotmy daughter the Mossberg Bantam 20 when she was 12 , average size girl I guess,not too big not too small.At the time it came with both the slug barrel and the shot barrel.A nice shooting little gun and it works out fine for her for ducks ,she hasn't had a shot at a deer yet.I would definately stay away from the single shot exposed hammer thing ,too many things to go wrong there.Also I'd stay away from a 410 if they are going to bird hunt. In the hands of an expert wing shot a 410 is a fun and challenging gun but in the hand of a beginner it could lead to some frustration and an eventual disinterest in hunting bird.No matter what you get them getting them out hunting with you is awesome. The looks on thier faces are priceless the first few times they have success.Allo utings with them are special but the first few are extra special.
  9. Sorry that last one was meant to go under the Yar/Ranger/warrior thread.
  10. Hey rodmaker if you're looking for an 1895bt I know certain dealer in St.Cloud that has a 2001. At least they did a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Hey Balsa , [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] I had the 125 on a Yarcraft 1895bt and it performmed very well.Had decent top end and would idle all day.The rough idle was never an issue form me and I only rarely noticed it. Generally it would only get rough after several hours of running at an idle and even then it wasn't anything that was overly annoying or anything. AS for power loading and the 2+2 system kicking in and out that really never seemed to be a problem either. Once the trailer is in at the right depth vs the angle loadingwas a breeze.Like I said on wc if the motor was osund I would have no qualms about puchasing another.
  12. Generally I'd say the DNR is doing a good job of giving the majority of the people what they want while trying to maintain population goals. That said I don't think the DNR would have any trouble creating more trophy opportunities if thats what the people wanted. I think they could however do a better job of educating people on how deer populations and sex ratios effect the overall quality of the deer herd.We will never have the trophy opportunities they have in other states until the mind set of having to shoot a buck , any buck is changed.Doe meat tastes just as good and that fork horn is never gonna be a 10 pointer if you shoot him at a 1 1/2 years old. I could see a system where your standard deer license comes with one antlerless tag , depending on the area ,additional antlerless tags may be available over the counter or thru a lottery system."Any deer" tags ,which would allow you to harvest either an additional antlerless deer or any buck would be available via a lottery.A "trophy tag" would be available over the counter but would come at a higher price and come with a set of antler restrictions that need to be adhered to.Those under 18 or those over 65 ( pick an age) would be issued special deer licenses that would be free from antlerless/buck restrictions. I would also be in favor of moving the gun dates back a week. The arguments against this really don't seem to hold much water anymore. Generally our weather is getting warmer and warmer every fall so that shouldnt be too big of an issue.Is an overlap with the WI season a big deal? We have plenty of hunters here already, granted a minority may have to choose which state to hunt but so be it. Overall its really more of a mind set change then anything. Theres my $.02
  13. Only very rarely will I use a marker and if I do its a black one.Between the gps zoomed all the way in,the depth finder and a compass I can generally stay pretty dang close where I want to be.
  14. "Power" loading is a fact of life with many of todays boats,just not going to crank in some of the bigger glass boats.The level of power needed to load varies from ramp to ramp though.The right depth and angle and not much power is needed. I just read a blurb from the MnDnr that acknowledges that power loading isn't going away.They are upgrading numerous ramps around the state using wider concrete planks and extending them farther out into the lake to accomodate power loading
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