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  1. Canada has over a 100 day season MN and some of the northern fly thru states that ice up all season should have at least a 90 day season. But when we have a commissioner that won't even give us a 2 bonus bwt during the first 2 weeks of the season like neighboring states, there is no way he is going to bat for us to try to get us a longer season from the Feds.
  2. Right I think the same thing--either a coyote or a German Shepherd. He has seen plenty of coyotes and I was told he had a good ID of it so I am sorta thinking it might just be one. Plus being along the river too. The tracks were seen too with the fresh snow we had last night.
  3. I was wondering how far South they come. I heard of one being in the Monticello area along the river and it was seen at night by a few people and tracks were seen in fresh snow.
  4. the weather should be nice and I am hoping everyone can make it out to the lake tomorrow. never been skunked out there. anyone know how many they put out for this year? 1500?
  5. how do most fur buyers like to buy their furs? round? green? put up?
  6. What the cost difference from selling them round to selling them green?
  7. not yanking chain--i am new to trapping so i dont know all the terms. thanks
  8. what is selling them in the "round"?
  9. yes it is adding cost but I was wondering if you added cost would it be more desirable and would you get 100% of the cost out of the tanning if you sold them like that. I am new to it and just wanted to know how it is commonly done.
  10. Just getting into trapping and I wanted to know what is usually done once furs are skinned? Do most people dry and stretch the furs and then sell them or do you get them tanned as well then sell? I don't plan on getting a lot of pelts but if I were to send the pelts to get tanned and the price to tan the pelts was "x" amount of dollars do you get that same price out of the pelt when you sell it?
  11. Where did I mention not wanting public facilities? We need some but the extent that people want other people to pay for their favorite activities has gone way to far. Easy example of this is our culture of Sports. It is a religion to people and a necessity too so they think. That is why we need public funded Twins and Viking Stadiums. The Legacy Act is to us what the stadiums are to sports fans. Another example is ObamaCare. I don't have to go into detail but basically the people who have insurance are paying a heck of a lot more now to cover those who don't have it so they can be insured. Free education is another example. Make everyone in your county based on their land/house value pay for your kids education. You pay for it yourself! Oh wait the argument then is we would have a bunch of uneducated kids around and it is our responsibility as a community to better it. Seems like we have a good dose of that now anyways. Hmm seems like we are getting our moneys worth there. Point is make the masses pay for your favorite program or the programs you want. The ends justify the means. Sounds like BigDave2 knows what he is talking about then. I don't know this guy but I am sure he and I are not the only ones that think we are being over taxed by our government for these so called "noble causes" that we must have.
  12. It is great that organizations like DU and PF exists and are mostly stand alone but I have a problem when organizations like these push for raising taxes on everyone by supporting the Legacy Act. It is welfare for the Sportsman/outdoor lover. These organizations are moving more to the left and drinking the environmental kool-aid. It is pretty pathetic.
  13. I'm sure you would and many others would too. People like to have other people pay for their fun.
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