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  1. I have used Gulp with good success. Probably is affected by how aggressive the fish are and season.
  2. Last year we tipped the owner of the ice house on Mille lacs. He checked in twice a day also took are garbage and what not. I think we just left him $20-$30 when we left
  3. Depends on your experience but I would say 10-20% would be appreciated. Especially if they work hard to get you fish or help you learn.
  4. Heading up next week. Does any one have any reports for lake Holcombe? Thanks
  5. tgruenke

    Ice Suits

    Frabill...It works well and is comfortable for the times I do use it.
  6. Went to the lake house last weekend. We found a spot outside of the Jump that was holding a lot of fish. We ended up boating around 12 walleye between 12 and 14 inches. We kept 5 for a shore lunch for the family. My sister also caught a 37 inch Sturgeon. There was a lot of current still in the river and was very window. We had best luck in about 8 fow.
  7. I'm not fishing pro but I have had the best luck with small red hook some split shot about a foot up and a shiner or fathead.
  8. tgruenke

    Tips ups hmm...

    I have an old Beaver Dam tip up that i got for Christmas one year. It does fit nice in my rod bag. I also have two frabil circular one. The big advantage is that the hole doesn't freeze. I agree that the rail ones are a bit more sensitive.
  9. Great thread. I will be 30 tomorrow. I can see where people are coming from. I was invited to go ice fishing with some guys my age a few years back. My idea of fishing was not theirs. I'm unpacking my rods and they are unpacking their beer. To each their own, but let's all remember to be respectful. Sunday I'm hitting Mille lacs with some guys that I think will be much better.
  10. My parents have a place on Holcombe. We are looking for some other places to ice fish. How is the dairy land flowage? I have heard that there are a lot of walleyes in that lake and is easier to fish than Holcombe. Any tips or other lakes to consider would be great. We are just looking for a place that we can go for a few hours and have fun. Thanks for the help
  11. I did walleye on the grill on top of a cedar plank. I soaked the cedar planks first so they would only smoke. I put spices on top of the fillets. It was delicious. I'm assuming you could do that with Salmon as well as many other species of fish.
  12. Will anyone be on this lake for opener? I'll be out there Saturday. Good luck everyone had a fun and safe fishing season.
  13. Fire tiger or perch, seem to always do well for me.
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