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  1. That sounds awesome. Have fun!
  2. I think it could be a tough tourney on a lot of guys. High moving muddy water could be an issue for a lot of guys. I tried to go with the guys that love to flip and fish dirty water. Here is what I have so far Hackney Crews Martens (Might switch this to Matt Herren) Blaylock Lucas
  3. My good buddy from back in SD does fantasy and we have another group we are apart of and he ended up tied for 5th overall last tourney. After day 3 he was in 3rd with the possibility to win it. So close to getting that $2500 basspro card
  4. bassfshin24

    How was opener

    All my first were caught in 2-6ft of water with a sand edge. Most of the fish were crushing that edge of the sand and boulders. Like TurnUpTheFishing said, you are able to weigh and take photos of fish right now during the catch and release season. This two week period of catch and release just started a couple years ago on Mille Lacs and it started state wide last year.
  5. bassfshin24

    How was opener

    Spent opener on Mille Lacs. Got out at the butt crack of dawn and fished until 11. Best 5 went 26.85lbs with kicker fish being 5-13. Caught three others over 5 as well and so many 3.5-4.5lbers. Most of the fish came on jerkbaits.
  6. I know it. I have KVD and Herren and both are showing 0
  7. Switched up my pick at the last second in bucket A and put Wheeler in there. Great ledge fisherman and sounds like this dude puts in more time on the water then any other angler out there. A. Wheeler B. Evers C. Tharp D. Herren E. Omori Sounds like the bite has been super tough. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  8. bassfshin24

    Frogs .....

    For those of you that have not seen this yet. This will be making it's way into my frog box
  9. bassfshin24

    Frogs .....

    Love the zoom horny toads. Man they can have some vicious blowups. Im a huge fan of buzzbaits so to be able to use this frog like a buzzbait in some thick weeds is awesome.
  10. % of people that have picked that person.
  11. bassfshin24

    Frogs .....

    See I always use the poppin frogs for walking. I usually dont use the regular frog unless I am throwing it in really thick cover. Over the top of submerged weeds, timber, and docks I always use the poppin frog. For Spros, I actually think the poppin frog walks better than the regular one.
  12. Check out M-Pack jigs Chris. I fished they have a unique weed guard that Mark Pack came up with. Used them down on Fork this year and they come thru timber rather well. Pretty spendy though.
  13. Outkast are great jigs just getting to be a little pricey. $6 for the RTX jig. No thanks
  14. Great review! Ive used the AT jig and the hack attack. The AT jigs use to be my go to jig and still use it. The only complaint I had with it was that the rattles fall out pretty easily. Not a big deal though
  15. I always used to pick Mueller his first year on tour after doing so well in 2 straight Classics. But overall I think he has had a disappointing career so far.
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