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  1. Can: Vegetable Broth, "SALT" & Soy. Now tell me what makes : Water > Wet, Fire > Hot, Snow > White? Then I would like to know, what Gets Wet as it Drys?
  2. I bet them Koch Brothers are behind this!
  3. Remember a limit is a limit.... Great Call! PierBridge But there is a Way Around the limit, and still be 100% legal! I have a good friend that is a C/O and works Mille Lacs alot,, The story goes with out to much detail YET, pack the Toyota Mini-Van with all 12 Kids and head North/West,,, maybe Not ethical but is legal. Next week,( If I don't get kicked off of here ) I would like to start up a discussion on some of the Problems this C/O has seen and some of the Ideas this C/O has to make them Fair to all sportsmen! If we could get a Solid agreement of consensus, I would like to head over to the Capital (1 mile away) and to the DNR HQ and start shaking some cages. Media EZ.....
  4. That Idea was talked about a feew weeks ago on KTLK, Bear Facts & Fish tails it think its called,, Host: Lesmister (Who I Really enjoy) was thinking the DNR (would or could) charge a $1.00 fee extra for the extra line idea. Im ok with that, but im Not ok with across the board fee increase like the DNR wants, when I found out the DNR has $6 million of Un-Obligated funds sitting in the bank & just this week, Sen: Amy Klobuchar passed $25 million from the Feds, to the DNR. The spending bill looked good with words of Education,Teaching & Restoration, but that Sneaky word of "OTHER" was in the bill, and I know that could mean, "spend it on anything".
  5. Take a look on C/L Mpls.. Seen some deals on there that are New and still in the box. Go Big #
  6. SOLO hands down! Have a 1 year old Jiffy 3hp Tecumseh and Not a Happy Camper.. You need ear plugs to run it, when it does run..Solo is as Smooth as a Babys ... Jiffy looks to be my Next boat anchor. Thats my
  7. I would bet if you had a Flasher, You would find that the Fish are sitting there laughing at your jig. They seem to be very fussy lately. You should invest in a Flasher, Makes Fishing much more Interesting... Lots of deals on C/L.. Good Luck!
  8. I have been looking at the Showdown for a quick hole hopper out side of the Vexilar base camp, Its light and could hang it around my neck and Go. I have been watching reviews on the Showdown and found jig target, battery life,& interface are issues I could do with out. I know a lot of people love them, but hey,,I think the Toyota Tacoma is the best truck ever built! Hummmm The big G has them on Close-out @ $314.00 so the demand this year must be on the Decline?
  9. I fall in to the same category this year as you and We are Not alone! I get fishing reports from a buddy thats a C/O in the North central region and its not anything to brag to Grandma about,,Slow Finicky Fish. Take a look on C/L with all the people dumping fishing gear,, Tells me alot! We or I should say, The Wife started picking Slabs about 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm yesterday, 7 total and that was the grand slam this year. The lake started deteriorating fast and travel with an ATV was at its limit with 2' of snow and slush, could not get back home fast enough! Seen on ch 5, that a fishing contest was a Bust with no-one catching anything! Leech Lake eel contest just announced that No Autos will be allowed on the Ice next weekend,, Thats going to be fun! I left the birds 3 doz minnows and started wiping cob-webs off the boat, Should have the boat in the water next week!
  10. Gander Blane had them on sale when I was there a few days ago. If you want one, Just grab a Bucket with a seat on it and stuff it in there and walk out .... Thats how they keep their Inventory down on Vexilars anyway. Was looking at the EU3000 @ $2,000.00 Plus Tax,, Wisesales @ $1,800.00 No Tax and free shipping,, Takes 3 days to get to Mn or pay$$$ for over night shipping. That EU2000 is a Nice unit! Good Luck.......
  11. "Reinhard 1" You put a shiver up my spine! Never crossed my mind before, but I guess a Meat Cutter is person I would not want to Tangle with. I bet you could make Hamburger out of a Thief and have them on the shelf as a Managers Special in 5 min..
  12. What I have found in my 46 years on this earth is, The Law is Open to Interpretation by the standing Legal Authority. If I would have physically intervened and had to physically protect my self , Who knows how a Judge would rule? Not my Store, Not my Property? I have seen Good Guys Lose before. I must also add that I am Buff from all the slaps I pulled from the Ice this year, who knows what kind of damage I could have done to this guy
  13. The Sad part about these Thieves is We all end-up paying for it in the end! Another Sad part is, If a Customer would have tried to stop this Clown they would be hauled in to Court for Violating the Thieves Civil Rights. Im still clueles why this guy Snatched a FL18 when they had a FL20 Camera combo on the same shelf? Im Confident this guy will be the Laughing Stock of the County Jail when the Story is Told to his cell mates..
  14. Size would be Nice to Know also! Gut tells me, Look East >>
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