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  1. Hello LeeMB! I have a few questions for you so when you have time. Thanks!! Jason
  2. I would like to thank everyone for a GREAT 2008-2009 season! The fishing was excellent right to the end. We ended up going out on Tuesday for one last trip. We got started late afternoon and it was game on when we arrived. We fished up until about 8:15 that evening and pulled the pin. They were still biting like crazy when we quit. What a great way to end the season! We are planning on adding a few more options as far as day fish house rentals and possibly sleepers too for this upcoming season. We will be updating our HSOforum as soon as we have those plans in place. A few people have asked if we are taking reservations for the upcoming 2009-2010 season and the answer is yes, we are. Thanks Again and Have a Great Summer!! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  3. We have been having our best season ever--lots of fish and alot of smiles on peoples faces! There is still alot of excellent ice fishing yet to be had. We will soon be turning our focus onto those huge northerns very soon too! Book your adventure today! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  4. I have been using the Rattlin Flyer Glow Red just about all winter and when the fish want it, they take it! I have caught walleyes,saugers,perch,burbot--these spoons are Great!That has been my go to spoon all winter and there is only a few days where it hasn't produced. I went over a week straight without taking that lure off--I did change trebles tho-- By far this has been my favorite lure of the season! Last weekend the guys that were fishing with me(hard core chubby darter fans) actually were begging for one--Ya, I caved and gave them one. Great Spoon for sure!! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  5. You are definately 100% right there!! I told her we should have another one like a his/hers deal but she gave me "the eyes"!! Maybe better luck after this weekend!!HAHA Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  6. Like Nama, I am half way through my second season also and LOVE IT!! I put around 900 miles on mine last season and I am sure it will be more than that this season. I have no real complaints at all! You are extrememly mobile with these rigs and once you have fished in one, well, let's just say I wasn't sold on them until I went out fishing in one for a day--I was sold within the first hour I was in one. It's just plain a sweet rig! My wife doesn't really like to be out in the cold and she hasn't been in the SnoBear hardly at all besides going out to the fish houses. Well, we went for a ride a few weeks ago and now she even fell in love with it and now she want's to take a day off on Monday and go fishing! Honestly, she was very skeptical when we purchased it but now she admits that she knows why now! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  7. The fishing the last three weeks has been excellent! We have been traveling appr. 20 miles offshore and the numbers of fish we have caught has been unreal somedays. The snow is deep out there so the SnoBear's are getting a workout for sure! We haven't seen alot of fish over the slot limit but there has been plenty in the slot that were caught. There is alot of excellent ice fishing yet to come too. Check out our HSOforum for some new winter pictures. We still have some openings available in February/March. Call for availability. Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  8. ChuckN, I believe I saw you up north on the big lake--I was in a SnoBear but I am positive I saw you up there--I commented to one of the gentleman I had with that I thought your house looked Great!! It is brutal on fish houses and anything you are pulling around out there so if it holds up in that, it has to be a heck of a package!! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  9. I am working on it NAMA and have been for a week but it's not working at all! This weather is really testing my patience and right now, I want to get on that big pond and fish! Lets hope that pond freezes real soon!! If I head to the lake this weekend I will give you a call and drop off those auger blades. Think positive--I KNOW next week it's going to be colder!! You Have a Good Thanksgiving too and Thanks!! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  10. I know the Nils has made my job alot easier with the ease of starting/drilling/reopening holes. I have to drill alot of holes some days and it has performed flawlessly everyday! Some of my customers have been amazed when I start it up and lay it on the ice to warm up(yes it stays running) while I get other things ready. They stare at it like, ok, is it going to stop running now and it doesn't. A few guys have wanted to drill their own holes so they take it and go scout around and they all say about the same thing which in short-- they like it ALOT!. It is simply the best auger I have ever used. Now with all that being said--I still have my old reliable Jiffy too which I have used for years and it's been a GREAT auger! I will never part with the Jiffy because I like the 10" hole for Pike but other than that, the Jiffy stays in the garage. As far as how long it took to receive my Nils--I believe it was just over a week. It was a looong week waiting for it tho! You can find them at Nils Master @ OutdoorProStore.com Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  11. Hey that would be GREAT!! I told him they were more than welcome to stay at our cabin so that is the same for you. See if you can't twist his arm a lil--It sure seemed like he wanted to get up this way for a little R&R. I sure am getting excited about this unpcoming season--Won't be long now!! Take Care! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  12. Thanks Northlander! There is a few small things I will change for next time but you can never get them perfect--It seems you always wish something was different but overall I am very happy with the house. It took only four guys to lift this house onto my trailer--Unbelievably light for it's size! I put a buddy heater in there last night to see how warm it would get and it got plenty warm(within a 1/2 hour) with just that heater so with the one I am putting in there it will be perfect. I invited Jay and the boys up for some fishing so I hope they can get away for a day or two. You have a good winter too Northlander--Look me up if your in the area! Thanks Again Jason
  13. Hello All!! The lake is starting to freeze over so it won't be long now if the wind stays away--cross your fingers! I recently picked up one of my rental houses from Soderblooms and I can honestly say they do a heck of a job with those houses! It won't be the last one they make for me. Let's hope this cold weather sticks around for awhile so we can get things rolling. I cannot wait to get out there and set the hook! Take Care all and I look forward to seeing you this ice fishing season! Jason www.hardwateradventures.com [email protected]
  14. Yep, sure did Northlander--10x20--Should be getting it soon I hope.
  15. Ya, I really like the dropped floor--I cannot believe that the new engine could be better than the old but time will tell--fuel injection will be nice. I ordered new clutches this past spring but I haven't received them yet. You will like the addition of the belly pan--send me an email one day and I can share some info about that--theres a few lil mods you can make to that belly pan that in my opinion are necessary. Jason
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