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  1. I also bought one about 4 years ago and have had no problems with it. I love it. Starts second pull every time without a doubt. Trusty as can be!
  2. Ok, I have to hop in on this one... This boat is nothing short of amazing! We went on a guided fishing trip with Whiskers, and after catching the fish all I wanted to do was ride around in the boat and cruise up and down the river!! We had a blast and this boat rocks! WOW I still can not believe how versatile this boat is. No need to worry about sunken logs, or an occasional shallow sandbar. If you have any doubt, have him take you for a ride!
  3. I have the new Fred Bear and absolutely love it. I can not speak highly enough of it for the price vs. value compared to other bows i have shot. No, it is not a Mathews but it does not come with that pricetag either. A friend of mine shot it, and went out and bought one too. I believe you will be extremely happy with this bow with a few mods.
  4. Post deleted by [YouNeedAuthorization]
  5. Gee, I was reading this post and thought that I was going to be the only one shooting a Bear. I had been shooting an OOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD Browning for years, and this year decided to get into something new. Decided I did not have a grand to dump into anything really fancy so off of a tip from a friend I went and shot the Fred Bear Code. I am very happy with the performance of it, and hoping to put the first deer with it on the ground this weekend! Only had one opportunity if that dang twig did not get in the way and skew the shot off to the right...
  6. I also will agree with Boilerguy. I am also a fireman, and last Feb 18th (I know this cause we just had our baby 3 days prior) we had a house fire in the basement of a 2 story house, the homeowner asked us after we had everthing contained if we could go down and check out his gun safes. they were very expensive safes (3) full of guns we got 2 of the 3 open and from everything i could see every gun in there were toast and unshootable. I would save the money on a safe and buy a lockable cabinet, then take the leftover money and go and buy a new gun!!!
  7. I had read that right before we left to go up there. If that article did not get the blood pumping, nothing will. On the way up, Nate and I were talking about what we wanted for this trip. We had decided if we each pulled in a nice fish we would consider it a success... Well, with all the laughs we had in the boat, on top of the fish we caught, it far exceeded my expectations of a fishing trip. We will be back up there yearly. I guess we have been "Bitten By the Cats" so to say! Eric
  8. First off, I want to send out a big "THANK YOU" to Rusty for the excellent time this weekend. It was nothing short of an amazing trip. The Cats did not really cooperate all that well, but we made the most of the trip and each and everyone of us caught a nice fish. For anyone that is even remotely considering going cat fishing... DO IT! I was thinking that it would be an "OK" time at best. Turns out, this trip was a mind blowing experience, who would have thought that a fish could fight that hard?!?!?!? Rusty was bound and determined to get us into some cats, this man is HARDCORE and knows his game. The cats did not want to play as much as he would have liked, so we put miles and miles on the boat looking for them, which I did not mind! This brings up a whole another topic. RiverPro boats... WOWOWOWOWOW I fell in love with that thing. We had a blast, and my mind was blown more than one time on how well it performed. We went into places that no other boat would dare to go through! What fun it was. We looked like 3 little kids at the carnival! When the weekend was all over, we ended with the 3 cats you see above, and a smile with all the memories that we created. Excellent weekend overall! Rusty, THANKS AGAIN for an excellent weekend! You truly are a blast to fish with. We are hoping to come up for another weekend this summer to hopefully get into some more PIGS, but will see how things turn out with my overly busy schedule! This year or next, we will definately be up for some more fun, and I can not wait! Eric
  9. You know, I would love to buy this unit but I think that I am going to hold off after the previous incident that we had. When you said cash in hand and it is was gone I assumed that I was just beat to it... but now you say that he backed out on the day of purchase? Kinda contradictory story to me. I'm out - [YouNeedAuthorization]
  10. That is fine, no hard feelings at all. Just was a little confused as to where this all took place at, and when. Thanks for clarifying!
  11. That is cool... Just a little confused where someone beat me to it. I see my post that said that I would take it, and nobody else said that they would take it before or after me. Oh well I guess
  12. I will check with him, and let you know for sure. I will just send the money with him. If nothing else, I will maybe drive down this weekend. Are you going to be around on Sunday? I will need to get your address, and directions cause lord knows that I am aweful with them!! Shoot me an email with directions or your address. Thanks Much! P.s. I just called my wife to let her know, and she asked if I really needed another shelter... I simply replied "Do you really need another pair of shoes?" Nuff Said... I won!!
  13. I will take it... looks good to me! Is there any way that you would possibly drop it off at one of the St. Paul Fire Houses? One of the Fire Instructors works for St. Paul Fire and could get it a little closer to Alexandria for me...
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