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  1. Anybody have a mobile number for tom ische?
  2. Thanks for the pointers guys. I ordered one a couple weeks ago. It will be galvanized frame and rooftop a.c.. Tom told me it would be done before first ice, kudu are you saying it will be longer? I hope not.
  3. Just wondering if anybody could give me a review on these houses? Also did you receive your house in the amount of time you were told?
  4. April 3rd, unbreakable record! http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g366/nightrain83/2012-04-03_16-05-50_58.jpg
  5. he's not vomiting and I already checked to see if he'd eat and he does. But I think I'm go get an XRAY done anyway. Thanks guys I'll keep ya updated.
  6. I let my dog have it a few days ago, then something came up where i couldn't make it home for a couple days. I noticed he kind of moaning alot when he moves, seems uncomfortable laying down(keeps standing up), plays very slowly(discomfort moving?), and won't jump. He usually sleeps on my bed and will not jump on the bed. Then I realized except for a few small chunks laying on the floor I can't find that ham bone. I am conviced he ate it, do I have anything to worry about will it just pass through him or will I have to get xrays and surgery. I've been laid off and can't really afford it but will get it done anyway if necessary. The bone was cooked it was from an easter ham. Any help, especially from vets would be appreciated. Thanks Shane
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