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  1. PostFrontal

    slug gun

    I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with a rifled barrel I use for slug hunting. I used to use the Winchesters and Hornady's out of my 870 before I got the Benelli and they were great. But couldn't get them to shoot a darn out of the Benelli. Tried a bunch of different slugs and finally found the Federal Barnes Expander Tipped slugs and get great groups from them.
  2. PostFrontal

    New lake proposal's?

  3. PostFrontal

    Seeing bigger deer than last year?

    We hunt 343, and wish I could put all the trail cam pics we have of bucks on here. Was in the stand Sunday morning and didn't see much corn being picked. Are you guys seeing any progress with the corn harvest yet this week?
  4. PostFrontal

    lets see your shoulder mounts!

    Finally decided to pick up my shoulder mount from last year...
  5. PostFrontal

    Hay Bales and CRP

    Is it legal to put Hay Bales in CRP fields? Just wondering... Thanks!
  6. I don't know if I'd draw any conclusions off of 1 year. This is making my head hurt again. Think I'll wait until the 3 years is up, and pick it up again when that firestorm hits...
  7. What are the best Stores in the Twin Cities area for prices and selection for seed for deer food plots? Looking to do 2 acres plus some smaller ones. Thanks!
  8. PostFrontal


    I'll be up there Wednesday through Sunday this week in case anyone else that will be fishing would like to compare notes. Will be on the westside. Won't be able to check pm's up there so: Email: [email protected] Thanks! Nate
  9. PostFrontal

    Weather forecasting

    Hourly Weather Graph is great on NOAA when I'm in front of the computer. I had heard that all the other sites get their information from NOAA, and then base their forecasts off that. True or not, don't know. Free version of Weatherbug is a good App for the phone. Lots of info. And Fox 9 Weather just came out with an App (free). It's pretty straightforward, and simple to use.
  10. PostFrontal

    Dawg Balls?

  11. PostFrontal

    AIS Sticker

    You guys have to be joking if you think this is about not liking the physical act of having to put a sticker on the boat. You must be kidding around...I know you guys are smarter than that. That's the point.
  12. PostFrontal

    AIS Sticker

    I talked to the DNR kid at the launch this morning and he said that he thought the one on the trailer was the one we needed. So you're telling me we are going to need one on the boat in addition to the one on the trailer Lakevet? All they need to do is scrap all these sticker ideas and save the money to buy power washers ($3k according to Outdoor News) at the infested lakes like a self serve car wash. Just pump the water out of the lake for it. Then they can have the DNR kid inspect it after that. Too bad noone thought of making a sticker for the legislators to put in their office that said "Stop Government Shutdowns." Government would still be open today...
  13. PostFrontal

    AIS Sticker

    Does anyone know where we can get this sticker that we all are required to have on our boats by August 1st. Everyone knows stickers go a long way in stopping the spread of invasive species. Who the heck came up with this worthless idea anyway...DNR, legislature,...
  14. PostFrontal

    Saltist ?

    Yep, meant the lead. I have made an exact "cowgirl" with 1/2 oz lead instead of their 3/8 oz. Makes a huge difference. The most common bucktails out there use the same lure bodies, hooks, and an extra beed more or less doesn't make much of a difference. So lead...
  15. PostFrontal

    Saltist ?

    I have the same reel. Even though it isn't the highest speed reel out there, it is pretty fast. This combined with the small spool makes the line come off it fast so it can result in easier backlashes. I spool it only a little over half full. Use a longer, softer rod (I use a 8' St Croix Premier). Tuf Line and Sufix 832 both work. I use it for my topwater and jerkbait reel that are a little heavier than a bucktail. But you may want to use it for your bucktails that have a minimum 1/2 oz weight on them. Cowgirls are 3/8 oz. Take it for what you want, but I wouldn't use that reel for #10s or heavier weighted or pulling lures. While the gears are same as the Saltist 30HA, 40HA, and 30Th, they are smaller including the drag system that is usually the first to go out when pulling heavy lures.