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  1. Quinn

    muskie lake list

    Could anyone tell me if there is a HSOforum either by the dnr or a private party that has a list of all the lakes in mn that are stocked with muskies or naturally have them in them?
  2. Quinn

    2nd weekend

    threw a noisy topwater for 3 hours friday night (it was dead calm) from 9 to midnight.........no hits and i wasnt able to hear if I had any follows because of the noise my topwater was making
  3. Quinn

    Daiwa Saltist

    thorne brothers in fridley.......after a wednesday night seminar......they take 10% off then
  4. Quinn

    Trolling Dawgs

    Anybody had any luck trolling helidawgs, bulldawgs, or any other plastic bait? You always here about trolling crankbaits or spinnerbaits, what about plastics?
  5. I purchased a handful of different muskie baits this spring and on some of them the eyelets are to small to allow the leader clip through. (9"suick, helidawg, and shallow setting on the 10" believer) to name a few. Is there a trick to putting these baits on your leader?, I see in the stores anyway most muskie leaders wire or fluorocarbon (90-150lb) have the same size clips.
  6. Quinn

    I cant help myself

    When your trolling for muskie a general depth by many is 6 feet. Whether your in 10 feet or 30 feet of water muskie like most pretatory fish love to attack their prey from below. Therefore you dont want to be trolling to deep.
  7. Quinn

    bass vs walleye

    walleye without a doubt..........better eating and more challenging to catch than bass
  8. Quinn

    Daiwa Saltist

    esox magnum..........whats your opinion on the 30TH?
  9. Quinn

    Daiwa Saltist

    Esox_Magnum you seem to have pretty good knowledge about reels. What is your opinion on the saltist 30 (I got it for $160). I returned by abu 7000i that I previously got for $110. Is this a decent reel for the price?
  10. Quinn

    Musky Reel Help

    I bought the 7000i for $110 last month. After talking to a few pros they recommended I spend a little more and I upgraded to a daiwa saltist-lw30HA (got it for $160) for burning bulldawgs and large bucktails. They said the 7000i will burn up fast. Anyway is the saltist supposed to make a clicking sound when being reeled or am I doing something wrong?
  11. Quinn

    planer boards

    Im going to purchase a pair of planner boards this week for trolling (mostly walleye & muskie). Is there a certain type or size that would work good for both meaning both smaller and larger crank-baits for each species?
  12. Quinn

    trolling speeds

    what speed (mph) should I be trolling small crank baits for walleye this spring.......also what speed should i be trolling lindy rigs with a leech or crawler..........are they the same or different? I will be fishing mostly rocks and weeds 8-20 fow
  13. Quinn

    Lakemaster 2009

    so whats the deal, I looked online and didnt see anything about a 2009 lakemaster chip release date........is the chip release date really may 1st?
  14. Quinn

    muskie leaders

    Hey I am going to be a beginner muskie fisherman this summer. What type of leaders should I be using for casting, trolling, and night fishing. I plan on doing all three methods for musky and have heard that a different style leader is recommended for each type of fishing. Is this just a scam to get you to buy different types of leaders? Thanks for any input.
  15. Quinn

    banjo minnow

    I just bought the banjo minnow kit the other day. There is some well know fisherman that supposedly swear by them (Their supposed to act like an injured minnow when jerked properly). Has anyone used them and if so how do you like them?