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  1. firefish_12

    The official sports show thread. Whos going/what did you get?

    Where and what is this sports show?
  2. Do you need to pre register for the seminars or fishing??
  3. firefish_12

    FREE Lindy Toad Jigs

    Please pick me
  4. This guy was there and we had a good time even with the slow fishing Looking at bringing my lil boy to the seminar on Friday night as Saturday I have to ref See u all there
  5. firefish_12

    Storing Fish for Weekend

    Ametuerfisher Hopeing to have that same problem b-c we r staying at mcQuids as well Aaron
  6. firefish_12

    Alternative format for bass leagues?

    Yes that's called wanton waste
  7. firefish_12

    trolling motor fuses

    I don't have a fuse in mine but all I have hooked up is the trolling motor I run te electronics off a separate battery and I do have a fuse in those
  8. firefish_12

    cold hands

    I have the X ice armor gloves and live mine except when u get wet hands
  9. firefish_12

    Christmas present

    Deal me into the mix please Merry christmas
  10. firefish_12

    Lindy Giveaway Sunfish Package!!

    Please add me. Where can I get one of those stocking hats??
  11. firefish_12

    buddy heater

    I would upgrade I switched my lil buddy to a sunflower heater when I got a bigger houae
  12. firefish_12

    What to wear under my Arctic Armor suit?

    I always wear a moisture wicking base layer and yes u do sweat with it on especially ice fishing but very nice un the boat during fall and spring I dont have any experience with any other suits to compare it I do wish te jacket was thicker/warmer in the wind
  13. firefish_12

    Tunneau covers

    the access roll up cover is great
  14. firefish_12

    Ice auger

    if its new it should come with one