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    Good news/bad news: good news, I found it, aparently I left it leaning against my van and drove off without looking. Bad news, It looks like probably my back tire and several other Vehicles used it as a parking ramp. Very badly crunched!
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    Lost in the Medford – Owatonna area: 7 ½ ‘ G Loomis spinning rod with Mitchell 300x reel. Reward. If found call 507-281-3077. Thank you,
  3. With the Labor Day weekend approaching, I thought that I would take a little time away from the craziness that has been plaguing me for the last couple of months and place a quick report of what I have found happening in the world of trout. First, from my own experience, I have found that all the wet, cold weather of August has kept the rivers and streams of SE Minnesota at, (although low) tolerable levels, with good color and water temps in the mid to upper 50’s. So with such seemingly ideal conditions, one would think that the trout action would be fast and furious, Wrongo! For whatever reason, in spite of near perfect conditions, all of my recent experience and information points to the trout being there, but your going to have to work for them. I have taken several parties out in the last few weeks, fishing the Root river, and have found that the best production has been on the designated water between Lanesboro and Caramona. Early morning and late afternoon/evening is best, with bright sun, hot afternoon hours resulting in poor to zero action. I personally have been using spinners, having best action on copper, gold, and gold/silver Super Bow spinners. Big Bow spinners have produced well, but overall production has been best on Copper Super Bow retrieved incredibly slooow. Numbers have averaged (depending on skill) 15 to 30 trout per angler in six hour outing. Stomach contents have consisted of gorged feeding on large insects, many crayfish some of these unusually large, and a few minnows. Lots of grasshoppers clinging to overhanging vegetation at waters edge, along with some violent surface activity on water may indicate a feeding pattern, but I personally have not taken the time to stretch out my fly line yet. Casting accuracy is a key factor, placing spinners tight against logs, undercut banks and under low overhanging tree branches, is what yields results. Over half of the trout that I have been catching in the Root have been fountain pen sized Rainbows (tiny) this fall. Best fish have come out of deeper pools having some form of structure. Some fall leaves and trash on water but not a big problem. What’s happening elsewhere! Colorado: (in the west) Dave York, of Roaring Fork Outfitters in Glenwood Springs reports: Although anglers are grumbling about slow production, conditions in the area are excellent, with the Frying Pan river still producing well using caddis patterns and silver spinners. Roaring Fork river is low and clear, and the Colorado River is down and water temps are at 64 degrees. Caddis and PMW’s are the fly of choice with silver and gold spinners working well. (East side) Mark Leonard, owner of “ Your Fishing Partner “ in Idaho Springs. Reports that the area fishing is good. The water levels are where they should be and water temps are in the low 60's. Overall the trout don’t seem to be too fussy. For fly fishers, Tan Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, and Wooly Buggers are all doing well. Spinner fishers are having great results on Silver and Gold Super Bows. The local lakes are yielding some larger fish as well. Wisconsin: Brian Claure owner of Anglers Nook in Lancaster, reports that the area waters are clear with bigger fish starting to move up into the smaller streams. Best action has come from the larger slow pools using Super Bow and Big Bow spinners in colors of gold or silver. Minnesota (White Water): Although I have already talked about my experience on the Root, here is what Keith of Elba Valley Express in Elba has to report: In the White Water area the streams are low and clean with steady stocking of good sized Rainbows. Fish are holding tight to structure and undercuts. Well that’s about all I have to write for now except have a great Labor Day weekend, God Bless and please drive safely. John Eggers (spindoctor) You can purchase the Super Bow and Big Bow spinners at bait and tackle stores like Anglers Nook in Lancaster WI., Bill’s Sport Shop in Chippewa Falls WI., Faribault Bait and Tackle in Faribault MN., and WATERVILLE SPORTS in Waterville MN. Magnum Sports in Chatfield MN., Root River Outfitters in Lanesboro MN. In the White Water area go to the Elba Valley Express. Also available at Curt's Bait and Tackle in Preston MN. In Iowa go to Ozzies Outdoors in Decorah, or Funcrest Sports in Iowa City. And now available at “Your Fishing Partner”store in Idaho Springs, CO. ,and the Roaring Fork Outfitters Inc. located in Glenwood Springs, CO. You can also see and purchase these fine spinners online at catch-n.com. you will catch fish!
  4. Right on Matt! Bio-Bait also adds a new dimension to fly fishing. Using Bio-Bait we can have a full floating fly tipped with bait. (see my Colorado report in Trout section) A great method for youngsters and first timers, especialy on panfish and Bass. John Eggers Spindoctor
  5. NOT JUST A LURE: A spinner is a group of balanced, precision components incorporated to work together as a team, creating a fish attracting tool that catches fish. If one or more of these components are of poor quality or malfunction, the performance of the devise will be undesirable to the angler, and even less desirable to the fish. Except for the Mustad Triple Grip Hook, all components and labor used in crafting the Bow series spinners, is manufactured and carried out in the USA. This is important to me!VERTICAL FISHING: The desire to have a spinner that could be fished directly under a stationary boat in a vertical pattern, and maintain it’s action both on the fall as well as the retrieve, was a task presented to me by a fishing buddy, some years ago. After many attempts and failed contraptions, I found three fundamental obstacles that had to be dealt with and overcome as simple and cost effective as possible. 1) The angler had little to no control of the spinner on the fall or decent to the bottom, and became more or less a spectator. All motion and action of the spinner during the decent to the bottom had to be obtained from gravity and the design of the spinner. I found that a weight forward design worked well for getting to the bottom and on a retrieve, but unless cast out away from the boat than allowed to swing back under, line foul on a vertical decent was a big pain. 2) Line foul: whether attached to front, back or sides, without some added devise to hold it away, the line would inevitably foul in the spinning blade or hook, either on fall or retrieve. Fixed arms and such usually only worked in one direction and hampered fish hook set. 3) To go from a free-falling spinner to a force-activated retrieve type spinner, and maintain the same action, the spinner needed to physically change from one state to another almost instantly. THE LONG BOW SPINNER: GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS! I could write a book on all the weird gizmos that I concocted to overcome the challenge of vertical spinning. Some of these actually worked, all were completely impractical, most challenged the patience of the angler and far exceeded the intelligence and ability of the fish. A little over four years ago a very simple solution came to me. I attached a free swinging, wire arm into a recession at the nose of a specially designed weight forward spinner, Viola! Draw Bar technology was born! The action is simple, on the decent the draw bar swings back in position against the ledge of the recession and holds the line away from spinning blade and hook. On retrieve the draw bar straightens out and aligns itself with the spinner. The shift from fall to retrieve is accomplished with such smoothness that the spinning action remains very consistent. After all the time I spent and everything that I had tried, this seemed way, way, to simple, but my gut instinct told me that I had the solution. The next year was, measurements, weights, and trial and error. Draw bar and body wire length, nose and body weight, as well as nose and body design came to task, and all had to be able to be assembled with consistency and be cost effective. Without a boat my proving grounds were limited to the waters of the Root, Cannon and Straight rivers, and the first prototype spinners proved to be Smallmouth catching machines, on several trips into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the Long Bow Spinners were so productive on Smallies of all sizes, that we almost regarded these fish as a nuisance with many strikes coming the instant that the spinner hit the water. The Long Bow did extremely well at pulling Walleye and Sauger out of the deep pools. Northern Pike were easy prey and the spinner did ok on trout, although not as well as the Super Bow. I decided to hold off marketing the new design until I could absolutely be sure that it satisfied my vertical fishing goals. To accomplish this I gave prototypes out to trusted knowledgeable anglers for testing. Over the next couple of years I ironed out minor details and worked out small annoyances. Improvements like, Glow in the Dark body beads and coatings, were incorporated, to enhance low light visibility in deep water as well as night fishing, and a split ring mounted, replaceable, Mylar streamer tail hook, was attached to increase fish attraction. The last detail was to redesign the head to incorporate a keel in order to eliminate line twist on vertical retrieve. Because of phenomenal honest reports from field testers as well as my own results, as you have probably have heard, I am releasing the new LONG BOW spinner for marketing this week. This year using the glowing Pink Long Bow spinner I have broken my own personal large fish records in Sauger, Walleye and Large Mouth Bass. I have also boated several huge Northern Pike, and in Colorado had a +20” Brown rocket out of the depths into very shallow water to snatch away the spinner only inches from the toe of my waders. So far in every outing using the Long Bow spinner I have always caught fish. Long Bow Advantages: 1) The Long Bow can be fished from bottom to surface on almost any body of water and still maintain its fish attracting action. 2) The Long Bow can be bottom bounced and fished vertically, with full spinning action on both fall and rise and have very minimum to no line foul. 3) Vertical ability enables the Long Bow spinner to be fished through ice during Winter season. 4) The Long Bow can be buzzed over weeds to attract Bass, Pike and other such predators. (the cupped nose can make a blurping noise to aid in fish attraction) 5) The stiff wire draw bar of the Long Bow spinner not only prevents line foul but totally eliminates line twist during decent, slow retrieve, and trolling, and acts as a short steel leader when playing Pike and other sharp toothed fish. 6) The heavy nose body makes long accurate casts possible, selected colors attract fish, and keel design prevents line twist during slow troll and vertical retrieve. 7) Glow in the dark, Body beads attract fish in deep low light conditions as well as night. 8) Flashy, Mylar streamer tail moves through the water in a swimming motion on both fall and retrieve, and can be trimmed and adjusted to change the size appearance of the spinner. 9) Split ring hook mounting enables changing hook styles for bait or plastic rigging. At this time the Long Bow is available in the 3/8 ounce size and 5 colors, Florissant Hot Pink with pink streamer tail, Chartreuse with Gold streamer tail, Purple with purple/gold flash streamer tail, black with black/sliver flash streamer tail, and (not shown) White with red/gold streamer tail. Sizes for Ice fishing and Large Predators will be available soon, as well as a larger selection of colors and patterns. LONG BOW SPINNERS are now available on line at catch-n.com . and coming soon to other quality tackle shops around the country. As a sponsor and to officially kick the LONG BOW spinners off, I am sending a full set of Long Bow spinners to all contestants who attended the LETS Fishing Tournament, held at Lake Francis Saturday July 18. I am confident that the Long Bow spinner design will catch fish, perform and reflect the time and effort involved in its development and hope to hear it mentioned when fishing records are set! Thank You! John A. Eggers Spindoctor [This message has been edited by Spindoctor (edited 07-23-2004).]
  6. Thanks Guys, I'm posting the info now. I think it folls the bill! John Eggers
  7. Kab, I have chased trout out there for the last few years. Last year it was very dry and many of the smaller streams in the hills actually dried up, but I did find good fishing in Spearfish creek below and through the town of Spearfish. Used Super Bow spinners,(Silver, gold, and Gold/silver) great action catching Browns up to about 16". I have also caught many Rainbow from this stream, some over 20". There is also a good Catch and Release section way up the canyon above town. The innertube craze was starting in here last year so fishing through Spearfish may get trounced during hot days. Check out the Booth Hatchery if you go there, you'll get inspired! Another almost never fail stream is Rapid creek through and above Rapid City. This stream is fed by the Pactola Resivor so it never gets low and is always very cold. Rapid creek has, in the past, held the thickest population of trout I have seen, and I caught and released the most trout in one day ever in this stream, but the largest was less than 15". I used Super Bow spinners here also. Fishing seems to get better as you get closer to the Pactola Dam, But special regulations are in place in the upper sections. CHAPTER 2. (LOL) It may have been easier for you to just download the SD regs, how many pages did I write? Keeping it Short! John
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    Root River

    Hey Marc-V, Don't worry about it being designated water, any place on the Root all the way to the Mississip is holding trout but because of less than ideal conditions it is not stocked. After Rushford the bottom gets very sandy,so trout are not thick, but when you get one it is usually a Kodak moment (Large). Spinners and cranks recomended (try Super Bows). Spring and fall can be dynamite. Bass, sauger, walleye and pike work these waters as well. Fishing pressure is light, please release the "spotted monsters". John Eggers
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    Root River

    Marc-v, the shop that you're referring to is Root River Outfitters. Great bunch of folks, good place to rent a canoe. Spindoctor
  10. Thanks Rick! right back at you. In tribute I plan on buying nothing but American made products for the rest of the week. Spindoctor
  11. L, dog, excuse my late reply, Rain had blown out my phone system. sounds like you had a great day! I escorted a friend the next Sunday, just above Preston, although I got him into a few fish, the action was not as hot as I expected. He caught and released 5 times his limit but we had some real slow stretches. I also took him above the park, pretty scenery, but crystal clear low water made midday fishing worthless. Well, we don't have to worry about that now, after all this flooding we get to start all over. Can't Wait! Spindoctor.
  12. Checked out the water late Friday, and found that most of the rivers and streams are in very good to fantastic shape for Trout. Whitewater, although high, had perfect water color for pitching hardware, and in the upper portions of Crystal Springs and Beaver, there should be some great stretches for feather floaters. Better details can be obtained from Keith at Elba Valley Express in Elba. The Root is now very good from Lanesboro all the way up into and above Forestville. Fellow Trout Chasers can find any type of water they like in this river right now, from high and colored, in the Lanesboro area, to fairly clear, up in and above Forestville. Huge swarms of white to pale Duns are coming off of the Root right now, but the colored water down stream around Lanesboro seems to be keeping the trout focused on feeding below the surface on large critters, but upstream where it clears up a little, they’re bouncing like popcorn. I fished a block long stretch of the Root yesterday afternoon, right through the town of Lanesboro. The water was a little high and a little bit more colored than I like, but it really produced trout! It was 2:30pm , a clear sky, my little thermometer, hanging on my vest, read 80, and I was being seared by the sun. The water temp was just below 60, cool compared to last year at this time. I threw Super Bow spinners (what else is there), all colors seemed to produce, and in the short time I fished it was hard to tell just what was working the best. From first cast on, the action was almost nonstop, and furious. Gold/Silver Super Bows and Silver Super Bows, seemed to have a slight edge, but Gold and Copper brought fish in as well, and with just a short amount of time on the water, and that fast of action, it was too close to call. Most of the trout that I caught and released, ranged in size from just under 11” to 13”, including a large 17” beauty that assaulted my Grandbaby Pink spinner, which I have been experimenting with since the birth of my Granddaughter.I quit at 4:00 with a total of 28 trout C/R, all Browns except for 1 small rainbow. Almost all of the fish caught came out of the faster water. Still very few bugs, a couple of Dear Flies, but they didn’t bite me. Gas at Chatfield was $1.96, Lanesboro was over $2. The higher cooler water should help keep tubers and other such nonsense down for a while, so the next week or so may very well be the best Trout fishing we get this year. Good luck, don’t forget your camera and raincoat! Spindoctor I’ll try to get some photo’s up if I ever get this old slow POS -200 straightened out. [This message has been edited by Spindoctor (edited 06-05-2004).]
  13. Thanks Scoot, I just e-mailed you today along with many others, to find out if the shipping went ok before I mail out any more.To all other folks that replied; I am still sorting and will be getting back to you one way or the other soon. No more requests please, Large spinners like these are expensive to make and ship. Comparable spinners of this nature sell as high as $15 each, so I cannot afford to give out any more at this time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Spindoctor
  14. Thank you everyone! The response has been overwhelming, to say the least. I believe that I have recieved all of your e-mail and will be getting back to you soon. The amount of folks needed has been exceeded many times over. No more entrees please! Once again thanks much! John A. Eggers
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    Congradulations JW, Hope to see those pics soon!
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