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  1. I have been bow shopping for the last month and ended up getting the Hoyt Faktor which is a 2014 model. I shot it next to the Nitrum and couldn't tell a difference and saved $300. I had it narrowed down to the Hoyt Factor, Hoyt Nitrum, Bowtech Prodigy and Bowtech Experience. Shot all of these bows extensively and liked the Factor and Experience the best. Always been a bowtech guy but wanted a change.
  2. QAD and Vaportrail are the best in my opinion. I prefer the Vaportrail.
  3. I would take it to Bill Foner at Xtreme Marine in Wyoming. He is good with jackplates. He installed my Detweiller Hydro plate and has repaired several others I know of.
  4. I generally look for schools of bluegill
  5. I have 7 spinning rods and they all have 15-20 lb braid with 8-12lb fluro leaders depending on what I am using it for and what Lake I am fishing. I went through a phase where I only had 1 or 2 rods with braid because I wasn't crazy about the feel. Now I can't stand to use a rod that isn't braid to fluro. Ive tried every knot there is and the Alberto knot seems to be the best for me. With how bad the zebras are getting on some lakes (Tonka especially) braid is needed. Drop shot rods - 15lb braid - 10-12lb fluro leader Jig worm rod - 20lb braid - 12-15lb fluro leader
  6. Don't really use finesse jigs that light but throw a lot of jig worms that weight. I use a 7'1" Medium X-Fast NRX spinning rod with 15-20lb super slick. I will usually will use a 10-12 lb fluro leader (10 ft) as well.
  7. Bill Dance dancing eel
  8. Once you start using Tungsten there is no going back......I bet in the near future we might see a lead fishing ban in Minnesota as well. Several states have already adopted this.
  9. Larson15

    Tow hitch?

    Moose makes a nice one that will accept a full size hitch
  10. Larson15

    FLW to BASS

    For a lot of the guys there is not enough money to be made fishing the limited amount of tournaments offered in one of them. This has made a lot of guys to want to fish both.
  11. Larson15


    Invizx is a much better line IMO.....I would put 15 on the swim jig rod and 12 on the crank rod.
  12. Same weight because the Verado is a 4 cylinder and opti is a 6 cylinder. I also see that Mercury has just release the 200 Verado Pro which is a 6 cylinder......Should be a really nice engine.
  13. bed fishing, sight fishing, dock fishing, flick shake, shaky head, drop shot..........the list goes on and on........there is a spinning rod on the deck of my boat 99% of the time regardless of how I am fishing
  14. because the 200's literally put out the same power.....up till last year the only difference was the stickers.
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