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  1. Actually this got me curious so I called the west metro dnr fisheries office and asked them if they were stripping muskie eggs yet and needed any volunteers. They said they were completely done with all their egg take got what they needed on Rebecca,,,Reb is smaller then Tonka but I'm sure those beat up Tonka fish were spawning too.
  2. It's spawning,,,spawning is a violent act,,in fact I was told by a well known local guide the dnr was out on Rebbeca two weeks ago getting eggs.
  3. Biggest one ever added a whole row more Looking forward to the Tony Rizzo seminar he's a legend. The cool new baits frm Sweden. Get my ABU and Shimmano reels cleaned for free. Watch the kids wielding new paint air guns in the kids tackle booth. Rainy for he next week but I don't care three day pass to the expo.
  4. Hey guys I'm in the market for a used vehicle I would really like something good on gas that has 4wd and some ground clearance has I would use it for grouse hunting on logging roads,,prefer a pickup has they are cheaper but open to SUV or even car options,,,Is there a good 4cylinder 4wd vehicle out there that stands up??? Looking forward to your opinions.
  5. brad coin

    real reel advice

    SS The muskies expo is in two weeks fri-sun April 10-12 at Concordia college in St Paul Trust me it is worth the drive from Duluth!!! You will see the coolest muskies stuff in the world and great "show specials" on tackle,seminars all day long everyday to attend,,to muskies fisherman this is like Easter to the pope. Also There is a swap meet that sat nite at O Garas pub. Just a couple blocks from expo I'm actually one of the guys who organize it and it is a huge turnout by muskie guys that bring used tackle lures,rods,reels,nets you name it to sell swap also it's just a fun hang out time. Real reel advice????? Used reel-"dont" Minnesota guys are hard on reels!! This is big fish territory and this is big bait territory. Minnesota muskies guys are pulling huge cowgirl bucktails, ripping pounder bulldawgs and 10 inch Jake's. Minnesota muskie reels take a beating and a used one just might be that "used" Instead The muskie expo is THE best time to buy a reel. Thorne bros,Reeds,Blue Ribbon bait, and Joe's sporting goods have booths there and they will all be competing against each other for biz which means the lowest price. Come to the expo and buy a new reel, then go to the swap sat nite and get a great deal on rods baits and everything else,,,bottom line come to the expo it's just plain good.
  6. brad coin

    George Wahl Tourney for Metro Stocking September 28

    Guys hope everybody jumps in on this its a win win deal. Even if you dont place you still win because 100% OF PROFITS go for stocking and rearing fish in the very hard fished metro, And reports are that it was a good year for raising fish so more guys in mean more money which means more fish bought.
  7. brad coin

    Roll Call for Frank Schneider Tournament

    Has far has fish being registered and list updated alot of the results are not in by the time the feeds start, depending on what carrier people have some cell service dosent work on all lakes and areas. The VERY hard working volunteer ladies who crunch data all day try to have at least some results out when people come to dinner. Tournament one year did have over 800 people in it but if you look at all Musky tourneys in state they have been down-George Wahl tourney is a modest entry fee in metro where people dont have to pay for lodging or near has much gas and 100% of profits go to stock fish so you still win even if you dont place and that has been down. Last couple years of MMTT the entrants were down. The just recent Pmtt only had 77 boats in the wisc madison event. And I dont see anybody in a hurry for a permit to do another MEGA tourney on Cass or Vermilion. People just dont have the money to throw at these things has much anymore. Better fish em while you can because popular opinion is the DNR will put an end to these with the exotic species concern.
  8. The Capable partners outing is an event help every year organized by Paul Hartman who is head of the Minnesota Guides Assoc and One of the owners of the Minnesota 'Georges" Muskie expo. "More volunteers needed" Volunteers bring their boats to spend some enjoyable time with the capable partners,,these are wheelchair anglers who are very excited to get fishing. You dont have to be a guide or an expert and there are plenty of people to help with the load,unload of the capable partners. This fun event is on Sunday June 2nd meet at the Mound park/boatramp at around 6:30 am fish untill noon and then come in for food on the grill and some 'homemade' salads and deserts and hear the fishing reports if interested you would be much appreciated please call Paul Hartman 651-269-2144
  9. Georges kids tackle shop has 'Help Wanted' over the years the amount of kids who attend the expo has gotten huge with the many kids activities, Boy Scout troops from all over,Fishing for Life and other childrens groups. Volunteers are needed to teach and assist kids in helping them build their own Bucktails,Crankbaits,Soft plastics. All kinds of cool materials and tools to work with, Hair,Fashaboo,glitter,plastic molds and blades of all sizes. Tying,painting, the kids do all the work you will just assist. lottsa fun kids imaginations run wild when it comes to color combinations and I wish I could buy a few from them when their done, 'NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED" even if you have never built a lure in your life the experienced staff can show you how to do things in just a few trys-great chance to learn a new hobby. Any shift or day that you are interested in you would be much welcomed and appreciated. to get involved please call Dave Knutson 651-328-4622
  10. brad coin

    56 inch minimum?

    JackPine I help organize speakers for the twin cities chapter of MI,,,thats a VERY impressive track record for tigers,,would you be interested in doing a Tiger seminatr at one of our montly meetings we do pay our speakers
  11. If you guys are free make this one,Ricks last seminar he did was one of the best ones we ever had,Ricks been fishing the lake long before everybody else jumped on the bandwagon,he has a staggering number of 50 inch class fish caught and hes has sharp has a tack,,,,good info no charge and you dont need to be a member to attend
  12. brad coin

    Lake Rebecca

    Lake REB is open to public fishing for muskies however its been kind of a unwritten law among muskie guys to leave it alone,,,the way I understand it about 90% of the states muskie egg take comes from here not to mention the fact that its dark and shallow and right now probbaly has water temps around 90 degrees do we really want to stress out our prized broodstock??? witin a few miles you have Tonka,Waconia,Indy and even sugar isnt that far away,,,Its open to fishing but I guess why not just go someplace just has close
  13. brad coin

    Tiger musky mission

    also if you want a wealth of tiger info go hang out at Blue Ribbon bait in oakdale and talk to Josh Stevenson,,,owner of blue ribbon and the current Minnesota state record holder for the Tiger,,I know he likes spoonplugs,,, all of the best tiger guys I have met have always said approach Tigers more has Northern Pike instead of muskies has far has tactics,habits
  14. brad coin

    Tiger musky mission

    my best window for TC tigers is late june early july,,,calm with the humidity so high you can feel it press against your skin calm and humid is good for tigers not limited to but if you concentrated on the first two hrs of daylight and the last hour of daylight all I ever throw now mostly is a CJ's double willow blade small spinnerbait in chartruse. a doctor spoon works good too
  15. brad coin

    reef hawg

    Sportsman 12 do this and YES this is the truth before you fish or even overnite submerge the reefhawg in a pail of water or a livewell Reefhawgs work best when their waterlogged if you buy the six inchers soak them then put them on your rod with about 6 ft of line out and slap them on the surface of the water has hard has you can about 25 times just has if your trying to keep a snake from crawling in your boat,,,what your trying to do is get the reefhawg to crack down the back,,,the best reefhawgs are the ones that crack they have better action. "wheres RK at" hes a reefhawg veteran