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  1. ranger20

    wiliston, nd

    i found the super 8 and got 7 days covered but need the 30 and dec1 thanks for all the help
  2. i am really good friends with jerry at flyaway and i can for sure promis you that it will be the best mount you can get he's not the lowest price but you get what u pay for tell him isaacson refured you and he will cut you a break enjoy
  3. looking for help to find a place to rent for nov 30 till mid dec, i know its hard to find a place out there with the oil boom,but we live in mn and have done alot of work out theres nothing i can find now so if anyone could help thanks
  4. i got the chance to fish sak this week while we were out in garrison working wow all fish are in the 18 20 inch range nothing smaller and i was warned when i get one on it will feel like you have a 7lber on that was very true i have never had a eye in the 18inch range fight as hard as they do, so now when ever we go out to work out there i will make it a point to make dave take me fishing
  5. ranger20

    Building a Pole Barn

    if you have any question you can give me a call i,ve have been in bunnise for 11 years building pole building and i can help ya through it if you would like,if you have the poles set be sure to not fill the hole all the way up back fill the last 2 feet with gravel this will prevent frost heaving,they have a lot of problems up in that areA with heaving cause of the wet clay soil 320 267 6456 goodluck
  6. ranger20

    Transporting crawfish question

    for transport just put them in a cooler and frezze some 1 litter bottle with water and put the in the cooler do not use water !!!!!! they will live for at least 4-6 days
  7. ranger20

    Window advice

    i guess i didnt know that they just started making them last year i belive.i have never heard of cardnial but i guess i dont know much about it and who they get there glass from i think my uncle at eastside glass might get glass from there thought
  8. ranger20

    Window advice

    i would get thermo tech windows made here in saint cloud i have been around them since they came out great window also they have the only window that has three paines of low e glass,if interested shoot me a message i can get them for cost for ya my wife"s dad ownes it
  9. we fish sak..last week and did ok but not like last year but hopefully it will turn around in a few weeks