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    Team #4 "TOMINATORS"

    Hey, this is APA This will be my first year turkey hunting. A friend and I weren't able to draw any tags so we'll be using bows. He's in group 6 so I'll do my best to show him up. We're going to be hunting on my dad's land (200 acres) in zone 213 in douglas county, near Evansville. Our land is pretty much overrun with turkeys, they are getting annoying. They waltz into the yard, and the dogs have built up tremendous respect for them (I would have liked to see how that happened). Sometimes getting down the driveway can be a near-death experience for several birds. I think there is somewhere around 100 birds that call the place home. It should be interesting. Nice meeting you all. By the way, "tominators" has my vote.
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