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  1. 45/70 Govt or 12 guage slugs (Breneke hard cast) work really well.
  2. I have a Lund S-14 with a 15 HP Merc. It is a very good balanced combination. No trouble getting it up on a plane with three adults. I get about 22 mph with two people wot.
  3. What differences, if any, would I notice in the lantern when changing the type of fuel from white gas to un-leaded. Would I notice any difference in odor, brightness, burn time, etc.?
  4. Valv - What would be damaged by running the engine for 5 or 10 seconds w/o water? I know it wouldn't be heat - - - is it hard on the empeller?
  5. Shaakattack - No damage to the camera or cable (the cable is rated at 300#) but the northerns I have been catching have been running no more than 30 inches. If a really large fish decided to give it a whack I might want to have my hand on the monitor because I have 10 inch holes and I am sure it would fit through.
  6. arbuck - I thought of recording a hit and playing it on a loop as a screen saver for my computer. I wish I knew how to get it on as a screen saver once I have it on video.
  7. I got a new Aqua Vue (ZT series) with the camera that looks like a perch. The Northern Pike really seem interested in it. I have had several of them try to eat it. They come at the camera, head-on just like they would naturally try to swallow a perch (head first). You get a really good look down their throat. So far, none have been big enough to get a good hold of it. The camera just slips out of their mouth as they try to close down on the smooth plastic. I think that I probably catch more northern because the camera acts like a decoy. Pan fish seem to ignore it unless I move it to pan around to quickly. Has any one else had similar experience?
  8. hip - hop My sod farm is in Sergeant Bluff Iowa. I'd be glad to send some sod your way!
  9. How thick does the ice need to be before you consider it safe to drive on with your pickup?
  10. This will be my second year of ice fishing if we ever get enough ice. I am putting the finishing touches on my first permanant shack and need to know what I need to be legal. I know that I will need a license for the shack, but I remember other permanant shacks having more than just a license posted. I recall seeing the owners name and possibly other info in large letters. Also, how much does the law require as far as reflectors are concerned? Thanks! - - - Jim
  11. What kind of venting system do you prefer in your permanent fish house? I'm building my fishing shack now and I don't know if I should place them high on the wall - - - low or some high and low. Also , what type of vent offers good flexibility to control the amount of air circulation you want. Thanks! Sod
  12. I am in the process of building my first permanant fishing shack (6.5' X 10'). Am I correct in assuming that I will need to anchor it down to prevent it from blowing across the ice? If so, how do you anchor your house? I realize that it would take a pretty stiff wind to get it to slide, but it seems possible.
  13. What has been working thus far for you with Walleyes? So far, the only thing that has worked for me is Shiners (big ones) on hook and a bobber. No luck with anything else. Sod
  14. Spent 24 years as a banker (loan officer) lending money to farmers and commercial customers. Got tired of all of the mergers and down sizing and so I retired. Started my own Sod Farming business four years ago, and have been having a blast! Sod
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