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  1. There will be another girl entered as soon as the boat gets wet! Been a great year already! Thanks dtro for all your work! This is an awesome thing u got going! If I found someone to donate prizes would that be ok!? Got a couple places that I think I can talk into it!
  2. Ok so I got some chicken livers too, what's everyones favorite way to hook them or however you rig them up! Never used them before and I'm going Thursday and looking to try a new bait!
  3. Any of you guys ever try chicken hearts as a diffrent kind of bait! I'm geting some tonight to try what do y'all think? And yes I have to butcher chickens in this nice weather!
  4. Hey Thanks guys yeah i fish the little cannon prolly once a week so i know what it produces. i was just wondering if there was any in the vermillion.
  5. Hey Guys I live in cannon falls do you guys get very many chubs or suckers while your fishing. I use them for cat bait and im looking for a new river to hit up.
  6. just trying to figure out how to post a pic
  7. ok so if you guys say this works did you ever see any action at the scrape sights. any decent buck or no sightings.
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