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  1. This is a long shot but does anybody have or know of a 12v Vantange there interested in selling? Not sure how long they made them but they did for some time. I'm looking for one for my Dad. He is having a harder and harder time raising and lowering the trolling motor now a days. This would be a good thing for him. He is in his 70's and doesn't move around very well anymore. I thought about a 24v one but not room for 2 batteries Thanks Marbleye
  2. Can some explain this to me. I thought that lakes needed to get to a certain temp to turn over. I have a place in in Alex and it looks likes it's starting to turn over. Water is not clear. You can only see about 3ft down. Usually it's around 10-12' My locator is not very clear also. Also does a lake turn over in the spring? Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. The only problen with a bolt action was that he is right handed and I'm left handed. That was why I was looking at a Single shot... Marbleye
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a single shot rifle out there. (No Hammer) I have a 12 yr old son that will be deer hunting this year. I was thinking of a .243. I have 30.06 for him when he gets older. I would like to use this .243 for preditor hunting also. I just don't like guns with hammers for a first time hunter.. Thanks for any feedback.. Marbleye
  5. marbleye

    Ranger 618T

    Just wondering how many people are running a Ranger 618T? And how they like them..<>< <>< <>< <><
  6. marbleye

    Tail Hooking

    Just wondering how many people tail hook their minnows while rigging? I caught most of my walleye's that way this weekend.
  7. Hey EYES', how can I get in touch with you? I would like to talk to you about your 618T. That will be my next boat....I work in Mankato.....
  8. I'm also run tiller. 17'Lund Pro Angler. Boat control is a key for me. In rough water you can't beat a tiller for back trolling. Two things that I have a problem with in a console. First, keeping the front trolling motor in the water in rough water. Second, when running a kicker motor being able to get comfortable when sitting in back with no pedestal seat. Also hard to see your electronics! Just my .02 cents worth.
  9. Could anybody tell me if Marcum makes a boat transducer, less than a 20°angle?
  10. Looking at buying one of these models. I stopped at a local bait shop at put them both side by side. It was very noticeable that the Marcum was brighter and very distinct. They were both priced at $399.00. What is your opinion and why? Thanks. <>< <>< <><
  11. I just purchased a 2-man fish trap and wondering what kind of heater to use in it. Any advice would be helpful....<>< <><
  12. bnbrk, My maximum 55 does not have heavy duty bracket. Minnkota let me try a 3x vector last fall. It worked really good. The only problem that I found was that it was harder to bring back out of the water(Heavier). That's why I would go with a vantage. If it's to windy I put my drift sock out and use my 60hp. That works really well.
  13. I agree with WaveWacker also. I have a 1700 Lund Pro angler with a 60hp tiller. I put a 12v 55lb minnkota tolling motor on back. It's got enough power but, the bracket is not strong enough for that kind of pounds of thrust. Minnkota knows they have a problem with those plastic brackets. I've replaced it twice. My next one will be a vantage 24v.
  14. I'm curious about the 1800 pro V. What did that come with,(motor) and what kind of damage did it have.
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