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    Ice conditions on pelican lake

    when I was there on saturday,we drove my expedition all over,no issue.it was rutted and rough,but seemed solid enough. I will probably hit it.A couple trucks go through out there every year,just gotta stay a little clear of the shoreline.
  2. Have any of you been out on pelican lake this week?I heard from a friend that 2 trucks went through the ice on Sunday.we were out there Saturday,all over the lake,no problems. Was thinking of going back out tomm,just wondering if it was true,and where they went through.Not interested in taking a polar plunge!
  3. 7 Tine

    spearing lake

    Sorry I misspoke.I guess I figured it was that one,since it is a good musky lake. Now I have another spot to try!I have seen a lot of nice northern caught out of there.
  4. 7 Tine

    spearing lake

    This Guy:Unless you are talking about a different Forest Lake,I don't think you can spear out there.It is on the forbidden list.I wanted to go out there spearing as well,but I dared not.
  5. 7 Tine

    What lake?"?"?

    You guys are right on with Cass.We used to go up there every opener,and there are some monsters in there!I would pick that as well,with Forest Lake my second choice.
  6. We have one house out on pelican.it is in 8ft of water.where we are,you cant see the decoy when its on the bottom,but you can see down about 6ft.The panfish were biting good,as of yesterday anyhow.
  7. Think it was a little slow all over today.I fished pelican this morning,only 1 flag,and 0 fish.No one around me caught any either.Went to my spear shack this afternoon,seen 4,all smaller.Speared 1 27" pike.He shouldn't have killed my decoy!Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  8. There's a possession limit?since when? just kidn-my twin boys go along with me sometimes,so its all good!I'm way too ligit to quit!
  9. I let most of them go as well.I have 8 frozen for the smoker,and I dont plan on throwing at anything too small the rest of this year.the only reason I threw at the one this morning is because it insisted on sitting well off to the side of my hole,and I love a challenging throw. I am actually waiting for the big one to come through.After all of my years of fishing,I have never kept any big northern,or caught/speared 1 big enough for the wall. In my opinion, it is best for the fishery to keep mostly smaller or mid size pike,allowing the larger ones to spawn out.besides,they are a blast to catch in the summer too.
  10. Went out this morning,seen 4,only threw at the 28.5" one I got.Two days ago,friend of mine used my shack,seen 17,speared his limit,and caught his limit of sunnies in less than 3 hrs.All 3 decent pike.Saturday,while I was up losing at the Brainerd Jaycees fishing contest,my other buddy saw 14 out of my shack,speared 3,caught 9 nice gills as well.I went Sunday morning,1 snake. It is not slow at my shack this year,at least not for everyone else that uses it! I did see the biggest Largemouth I have ever seen in Minnesota cruise through my hole this morning.I have caught em over 5lbs before,and this thing dwarfs all of those.I'll be looking for him this summer for sure.
  11. Never thought of that.I think its legal to cut a large hole to fish from,is it not?Half the fun is watching em slide up to the decoy anyhow.maybe I will try that,see if they will bite. I just thought it would be a good place to try since there are a lot of larger pike.This way I can release them if I want as well. Thanks for the tips,and I will see how it goes.
  12. Thanks for the help.I just got my question answered,and I only had to talk to 5 different people,at 2 different offices of the dnr-not bad! The spot my buddy is at is considered border waters,so I am glad I did not go without checking.Guess I will have to catch em by hook and line,what a bummer.
  13. it is on the minnesota side,since it is right by red wing.i will have to check on the railroad track thing.i know the rules around there get a little complex. i had a dnr co explain it to me a few ago when i first started catfishing by the dam,but i dont remember it all. i just figured it would be a good spot to set up.the bay fills up with chubs,and the pike come through to feed on them.my buddy sees a lot of them on his camera as well.
  14. just one more question for the experts.i am planning on going down to a buddy of mines place in red wing.he puts his shack out on a bay off of the river,and kills the northern by hook,and some nice ones too. he sits in less than 4 ft of water,and his camera works well there,so i am considering bringing the portable and the spear.cant find the info i need on the dnr site,thought some one here might know. thanks in advance
  15. 7 Tine

    spearing decoys

    thanks for all of the help.I went on laskas HSOforum-looks like they make some nice decoys.maybe save myself a lot of hassle,just buy another one,rather than make one. the one I use now is green with yellow.the pike hammer it on a regular basis.is there another color I should consider besides the red/white? my favorite way to prepare the northern I spear is to smoke them.I brine them in a brown sugar/dark beer brine for a day or two first.They turn out great.