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  1. trolloni

    MN Opener

    yep sucker em with gobble call or gobbler yelps on a diaphragm ,they fit nicely in a deep fryer !
  2. Yep all ya gotta do is beat one guy on the team and their done they proved that last year
  3. Another thing you are forgetting you bury wood its dinner bell for termites treated or not , unless you use the new concrete post underground ,how much experience does youre builder and concrete guy have ? they also say no amount of concrete will help stability , I hope you misquoted him but that is nonsense
  4. as you stated not finding much on this process online, you wont ,sure the infloor heat is good and works if installed properly and a boiler is used not a water heater ,but what is going to stop the frost from getting under the slab from the outside perimeter of the building ? you have to have a "cold break " at least 42 inches deep
  5. their is a product called traction grip, mix it right in concrete sealer , use a small paint mixer/portable drill to mix it ,spray it on with cheap sprayer as you will throw the sprayer away when done ,it is made by solomon colors co. under brickform best part you will still retain the sheen of sealer but you will not wipe out on it anymore.it can be found at contractor supply or a decent ready mix company
  6. Yes you want the extra ,after 3 weeks hunting a gobbler that give me fits, I was finally able to tag him at 62 paces with xr 3inch no. 5 shot , I like 5s a nice happy medium, not to heavy and not to light ,4s are long range power but you really l have to aim at short range with em ,6s are great out to 45 after that, not so much. no matter how far you shoot em get a scope!
  7. Yeah ive always had one XR650R,great fun in everyway,point it any direction and wick that throttle !! Don't get as airborne as years past, but wheelies at 60 mph are a riot ! Sure gets those Harley guys lookin ! ROOST RULES
  8. You really don't need much insulation under the ground slab, I like to use pole barn ins.[bubble wrap] or 1 inch r board [heat rises],gyp crete works but it is patented and can only be installed by certified and licensed factory contractors. they mix it on sight, it cant be mixed by youre local ready mix provider,as the formula is property of gyp crete.
  9. trolloni

    Propane auger

    like my nils , I have the ones that you can crank or put a portable drill on 8"and4"
  10. trolloni

    Denny Green

    To young for Bud Grant days , but sure remember the teams Denny put on the field, the Vikes rocked the nfc north then ,and will never forget IT ! THANKS DENNY! I think coach Zimmer has em headed in the right direction, don't care where they finish just as long as they thump the packers ! twice
  11. sorry.stick been huntin all weekend didn't see youre post,.i wouldn't say theres any difference in accuracy, all guns,like different combos,but I will say you will be amazed at how much cleaner the gun will be!it seemed like pellets shot low out of my gun ,2or 3 didn't matter ,blackhorn 120 grains is max charge .equevilent of 3 pellets,you must use hoppes bore cleaner, not water or black powder cleaners.no need to swab between shots either ..
  12. Do yourself a favor and dump the pellets and try blackhorn 309 powder.
  13. Got it put together thursday ,back was a piece a cake, front not so much, good thing my buddy has a strut machine, i dont think it could be done without it,the ride is awesome ,threw the boat behind it this morning just to try it it seemed just fine although it wasnt packed full of gear for the big v trips.
  14. Ordered the arnott kit yesterday , they dont recommend it if youre towing,i said ,i tow a fishing boat probably less than 500 pound tongue weight, they still recommend fixing the air system with that ,i thought well ill try 750 instead of 3000 so ill let ya know how it goes, Everyone i know who has it, has went bad ,and after they fix they go bad in 2 to 3 years again so that made my decision .
  15. Has anyone on here put the conversion kit on to replace the air ride system on a suburban or yukon ,If so what brand ,tips or should i just put the air ride setup back on? thanks
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