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  1. highlife4me

    New Yard(to me)

    I had the same problem with no grass growing under a couple pine trees. I raked up about a truck load of pine needles and seeded some grass in, after 2 years there was grass growing up to the trunk and it remained that way for quite a few years until I removed the trees for an addition to the house last year.
  2. highlife4me

    Fish House rv Build

    Trailer tongue weight should be between 10 - 15% of the weight of the trailer. You're at 13%, perfect. You probably couldn't have got it any better if you tried. BTW, very nice house you built for yourself. Very nice.
  3. highlife4me

    F-150 or silervado

    Kinda funny that Chevy doesn't mention that they themselves are designing, and already prototyping an all aluminum body for their own trucks. In the next year or two I would think that there will be no more aluminum truck bashing by GM.
  4. highlife4me

    Tannery in mn for buffalo hide

    Have you contacted Uber Tannery in Owatonna?
  5. highlife4me

    Good Morning!

    FYI, Accent seasoning = MSG.
  6. Sheep casings should stuff just fine on a 3/8" tube. Just make sure you have soaked at least overnight in fresh water to remove the salt. I usually flush the casings with warm water then let soak for another hour in very warm water before using them. Seems to me that the casings are not as pliable when they are cold.
  7. highlife4me

    Water usage?

    Have you checked the water softener if you have one?
  8. highlife4me

    Clothes dryer question

    One more thing you will want to check is the blower wheel. Most of them are made of plastic and they can break or they can become so dirty that they will no longer blow enough air through the dryer to dry the clothes. The thermal fuse should blow if the inside of the drier becomes too hot from a blower wheel that quits working completely.
  9. highlife4me

    Good Morning!

    I use a dry cure, 1/2 ounce of Morton's Tenderquick and 1 tsp. brown sugar per pound of meat then put in a ziplock and let the cure do its thing for 10 days. Every day or so I will flip the bags of meat to assure the cure is distributed evenly. After 10 days remove from bags and rinse, dry and apply an even coating of cracked black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Let sit in fridge overnight and smoke the next day.
  10. highlife4me

    Good Morning!

    Enjoying the quiet morning, at 4:30 am I put 10 lbs of meat in the smoker for dried beef and dried venison, did my taxes and now checking in on HSO.
  11. highlife4me

    Steak Quesadillas

    A grilled steak tastes a whole lot better than one fried in a pan, so why not finish the quesadillas on the grill since it is already hot? Looks mighty good MossyMo!
  12. highlife4me

    Venison Spicy Polish Sausage

    I bet a hot polish would go real good with a cold beer! Looks good Reinhard.
  13. highlife4me

    Favorite Store Bought Quick Meal in a Box

    I'm not much of a boxed meal type of eater. Boxed potatoes maybe once a month, otherwise its usually a good home cooked meal - meat, potatoes and a vegetable - maybe rice twice a month. Closest thing to boxed food would be a frozen pizza occasionally but even a good one of those is hard to find!
  14. highlife4me

    Anyone useing a tailgater on their RV

    Most of the tailgaters I see at the campgrounds are on the ground. Quite often they 50' or more away from the rv just to clear the trees to get a signal.
  15. highlife4me

    Bacon making with a unique flavor

    That looks delicious!! Gonna have to try that real soon. Thanks for posting.