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  1. I haven't posted here in quite awhile, but was asked to share this information with other photographers. When I was photographing the swans a week or so ago, I was asked by one of the neighbors if it would be advantageous to have a better viewing point, and I replied, "of course". It seems several photographers have been polled and the neighbors have come up with a solution. Here a letter I received based on that need and was asked to pass this information on to other photographers. Many of you know that Monticello, MN., here on the Mississippi River, is home to “Swan Park“. Swan Park is possibly the greatest viewing and photography opportunity to the largest collection of wintering Trumpeter Swans in the world. I am happy to announce that you have available an exciting opportunity to view and photograph from a better vantage point the 1,200 Trumpeters and over 1,000 Canadian geese and ducks here in my back yard. I live right next to swan park. We have world class photographers from all North America come to take pictures of all these magnificent water fowl. Traditionally, all photographers are required to take pictures of these birds only from Swan Park. The park is located on Mississippi Drive here in Monticello. Pictures from Swan Park are limited because of trees directly on the river in between the park and the river. After working with Sheila Lawrence, the “Swan Lady” I have constructed a huge heavy duty 10’ by 24” deck in my back yard. This deck is located much lower to the water level than pictures taken from the park. It is within 10 yards of the birds, and capable of safely holding 4 photographers at a time. The deck allows all photographers panoramic shots up to 180 degrees rather than being limited to 90 degrees from Swan Park. My goal is to use the profits from the use of the deck to help pay for the 1200-1500 lbs of corn it takes each day to feed the birds each winter. Sheila and her husband pay out of pocket for any corn that is not covered by private donations. For $20/hour per person in cash you can use the deck for one hour or all day. If you are flying in from out of town you can block off any time slot you desire. Our first professional photographer from MN. has already used the deck. He told me by using the deck he got much better quality low flying shots. Please contact me as soon as possible so I can lock in your preferred time slot on my calendar. Walkups are welcome also. Please forward this to other photographers who would want to take advantage of this opportunity…..and thanks for your help. When you arrive, come to my front door to sign a liability wavier first, and then I will walk you down to the deck. Respectfully, Rich Thurman, 201 Mississippi Drive Monticello, MN. 55362 763-295-4228 [email protected]
  2. Debbie K

    Finally, got to some showy LS

    Ken, these are lovely. Saw my first showy's last week on the way to Zippel Bay. Never realized they were so easy to find.
  3. Debbie K

    What's for Breakfast

    Thank you Finn.
  4. Debbie K

    Unknown Flower

    Finn - actually found out from another forum that it's a small cranberry. (Vaccinium)
  5. Debbie K

    Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Nest!

    What a wonderful opportunity. Can't wait to see the babies!
  6. Debbie K

    What's for Breakfast

    Stu - We've been actively using dutch ovens for about 7 years now. ALWAYS for a German Pancake every trip and each time we camp, I try at least one new recipe. Ever try lasagna or pizza??
  7. Debbie K

    What's for Breakfast

    We heard her snorting and stomping right after breakfast and were quite surprised when she poked her head out at the edge of camp. She was about 20'-24' away. Hubby was making the loud noises to try and scare her off and I knew not to panic. It's all part of the camping adventure.
  8. Debbie K

    Snippets from our family vacation

    Looks like a good time was had by all. The second sunset is my favorit.
  9. Looking for an ID please on this delicate beauty from Big Bog. Thanks in advance.
  10. Mama came looking for breakfast at the edge of our campsite in Zippel Bay Saturday morning after she destroyed our cooler the day before.
  11. Debbie K

    It's almost the 4th.....

    DH and I were in LOW on the 4th and got our limit of eyes in about 2 hrs. Had to toss back a 22" though.
  12. Debbie K

    What's new?!

    Congratulations Hope - a little girl to spoil.
  13. Stu - these are wonderful shots. As far as littering, I just don't get it. I was taught from a very young age to ALWAYS put garbage where it belongs. We also camped quite a bit and the rule was "make sure the campsite is cleaner than when you got here" and that still holds true today. I can't believe the [PoorWordUsage] and litter that people leave behind in a campsite. This is a valuable lesson I have passed on to not only my son, but my grandchildren as well. I agree - littering should be taught in schools, but it should come from the parents as well.
  14. Steve and Ken - you both have a wonderful series of shots. Hope to see some of this floral and fauna next week in Zippel and Garden Island.
  15. Debbie K

    What's new?!

    Barb - sounds like you have all the fun!!