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  1. blue_healer_guy

    Amount of lp used in subzero weather?

    Typically i get a day and a half from 1 #20 pounder.
  2. blue_healer_guy

    Smaller brisket smoke method

    Agree to the fact that sometimes things we smoke do add up money wise. I smoked 35 pounds of goose sausage today for the kid, spent around 100 bucks, trim, seasonings, casing etc. But......... i got to drink about 13,14 and watch the queens while i did it, thats why I smoke. lol
  3. blue_healer_guy

    Smoked northern

    Smoked 3 slimers last week. real simple brine, 1 cup pickling salt, 1 cup brown sugar and water to cover. 24 hr soak. added onions and brown sugar on top. 3.5 hrs at 195. Used to leave skin on, dealt with the slime. still tasted great. Been skin off for a couple batches lately and its the way to go. no slime to deal with, just sprayed the rack with pam. hammerhandles be ware!
  4. blue_healer_guy

    Twins 2017

    He has value, best defensive outfielder in system. Saves runs. Its not his fault he was drafted where he was, scouting issues. At this point in his career, he hits 240 hes still around. But my gosh, hit him 9th where he can relax a little.
  5. blue_healer_guy

    Twins 2017

    Buxton hitting 3 really baffles me. 9 hitter, and I dont care how early in the draft he was picked. As a coach I always tried to put players in positions to succeed. not the case here. and no i dont want molitors job.
  6. blue_healer_guy

    Twins 2017

    that looks about right
  7. blue_healer_guy

    Jig Spin

    Maybe an old wise tale but ive often heard you can eliminate spin with how you put line off the line reel to your pole reel?
  8. blue_healer_guy

    What heater are you using

    I have the williams one from menards. Love it. Went threw 2 empires before that, issues with thermocuplers and unit rusting during the summers, humidity im assuming. What I like about the williams I have is everything is right there when you open the hood, not tucked on the side like the empire if you have maintenance to do. Going on 6 years and starts right up, it does take a little longer to heat up the house, but whats 15 minutes. Plus the price was right, back then it was 389.
  9. blue_healer_guy

    How close???

    I think we all over estimate on distances a little. I do have a good one tho. While driving to my house something didnt look right. As I got closer I was right. Dude was sitting on my tire with a freshly cut hole. He left as I approached. Cant make that stuff up! Funny part was I wasnt catching anything and was gonna move the house.
  10. blue_healer_guy

    Barometric Pressure

    I guess I never associated a north wind wind lower pressure. Or a south wind with higher pressure. Learn something new everyday
  11. blue_healer_guy

    Ice Rod Rack for Wheel House

    You can do the same thing with 2 pieces of a 1x4 how ever long you want. Hole saw about every 2 inches with a bracket to mount wherever.
  12. blue_healer_guy

    Fish House Stove

    Dont have a stove, but if your using a generator save the money and just get a pizza oven. Cooked everything from pizza, hot dogs, brats frozen items etc. Just put aluminum foil down on drippy items
  13. blue_healer_guy

    Impressed With Ion Service

    Bought one over xmas, soley for the purpose of my permanent. 1000 inches they advocate are a little high, got about 600. But overall, very happy. Did noticed the hopping on rough ice but just added a little more weight to the unit and it was ok.
  14. blue_healer_guy

    Propane auger

    Stay away from the propane and go with an ion. I never owned one but know three guys who had problems and got rid of them. I do have an ion and its great.
  15. blue_healer_guy

    Rod Holders for Perm houses

    Did mine vertical, that way the reel handle isnt so much a problem, can fit more just by rotating the handle. my holes are only 2 inches apart. Love the rod holder pics papadarv. gonna make a couple. Just seen you have only 10" to work with. Yeah thats only room for about 4.