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  1. Well after 20 propane grills over the years, finally bought a pellet grill. if I could say the f word here I would. The best invention since the cave man. Enough said.
  2. First year of harvesting ramps. Very solid. First year of pheasant backs. Honestly I prefer them over the morels. Good stuff.
  3. Did a batch of summer sausage, chili hot dogs and had 5 pounds of venny scrap left over. Mixed that with 3 pounds of chipotle bacon and 1 pound of high temp cheddar. It was the best tasting burger I have ever had. sooo good.
  4. Always thought of that to. But just have a smoker that max out at 225. Did you use smoke?
  5. Been in many houses and someone already mentioned the "to many hole concept". If thats mine, 6 holes max
  6. Leech I agree. Life long hunter and wind is the most important aspect of hunting.
  7. Viewing this from afar I will give my opinions. It starts and ends with the manager. The decisions he made in the series were just as costly as any. The first reliever after Jose in game 1 score 3/3. The Gibson decision in same game down 7/4, basically giving up with 3 at bats left. Game 2 starter, come on, 28 innings under his belt and thats the game you cant lose after loss in game 1. I would have preferred ozzo or Gradural as the opener. The play of Garver. If he couldnt see he was off/injured he needs glasses. I dont believe Castro got an ab. Not his fault but the Yankees seemed
  8. Mine used to be trips with buddys, drinkin, fishing and getting the most fish we could.... Dont do that anymore. Just want to go now with 2 grown boys and listen.... Be amazed how much you missed when you were with your buddys.
  9. Well, i couldnt find a recipe anywhere. So i used donbo's sausage recipe. Added 8oz of honey and 8 oz of maple syrup. A container of probably 8 oz of blueberries. 1 cup wild rice. Didnt know if to cook rice or what so poured hot water over it and over it till it started to crack. Overall a 7.5 out of 10. Rice was still crunchy even after the smoker. Blueberry taste almost non existent, would definatly add way more. It was fun tho and as always donbos recipe is the bomb. 25 pound batch
  10. I like both so I smoke for about 2 hours and finish in dehydrator.
  11. It is super good, but tasted it from a buddy who got it made from a locker. I know a couple of ingredients like maple syrup and honey but thats about it.
  12. Typically i get a day and a half from 1 #20 pounder.
  13. Agree to the fact that sometimes things we smoke do add up money wise. I smoked 35 pounds of goose sausage today for the kid, spent around 100 bucks, trim, seasonings, casing etc. But......... i got to drink about 13,14 and watch the queens while i did it, thats why I smoke. lol
  14. Smoked 3 slimers last week. real simple brine, 1 cup pickling salt, 1 cup brown sugar and water to cover. 24 hr soak. added onions and brown sugar on top. 3.5 hrs at 195. Used to leave skin on, dealt with the slime. still tasted great. Been skin off for a couple batches lately and its the way to go. no slime to deal with, just sprayed the rack with pam. hammerhandles be ware!
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