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  1. The Darth Baiter

    Soon to be again

    Nikon D700,24-120, F6.3 @20sec.
  2. The Darth Baiter

    I'm feeling a little inadequate.......

    thats just my back up equipment lol jk i wish
  3. The Darth Baiter

    Burtside last friday

    Took a trip up to ely to check ice last friday and found these at burstside
  4. The Darth Baiter

    Wildlife no cups

    i would have to suggest the 300mm f4 its relatively cheap if you can find one used and still is fairly sharp nothing like the 2.8 but should still do you well
  5. The Darth Baiter

    a few night shots

    took a little break from studying to shoot these tonight
  6. The Darth Baiter

    Sunday Photowalk

    oak leaf is my favorite
  7. The Darth Baiter

    On the road with Jim and Steve (part 1)

    great series to the both of you. Makes me a little hungry
  8. The Darth Baiter

    First attempt at a night shot.

    not bad, i second dbl's post. changing the white balance to something such as tungstun or even sodium-vapor can dramatically change a photo.
  9. The Darth Baiter

    fun from the shore

    four and five do it for me
  10. The Darth Baiter

    fountain at night

    fountain in the rose gardens of duluth.Nikon D700, 50mm 1.8, 30 sec. at f/16, iso 500
  11. The Darth Baiter

    North Shore Winter Images

    first and third do it for me
  12. The Darth Baiter

    a few from the north shore

    actually all these are strait from raw, the wind was really blowin the berries around and i just happen to capture it that way
  13. The Darth Baiter

    Odds & ends...

    awesome series
  14. the fifth and the last are my favorite