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  1. I got a 99 f350 with the 7.3L. it has 275,000 miles and has recently been acting up, the check engine light will come on and then turn off while driving. Every time the light turns on or off the pickup will studder for a bit and then seem to run good after a few seconds of the studder. I had my scanner plugged into it while the light was on and it wouldn't read any codes so im just a bit lost on where to start. It also has died, i think only twice, but just when it has been at idle and the light switches. Just wandering if anyone has an idea of what to check, i would think its just a sensor that needs replacing but aint sure. thanks
  2. dabaer

    toyota pickup, brake ?

    ha i never did pull the drums off the rear, so once i get to lookin at er ill check them first but i think they should be fine, and i did check front wheels those were fine. hey thanks for the info guys!
  3. dabaer

    toyota pickup, brake ?

    macgyver, yea the pedal got real soft all at once a while ago...i havent been drivin it around lately (been too busy with school but i got spring break comin so i figured i could try and get er goin again).
  4. Ive got a 94 toyota pickup and i cant get the brake pedal to firm up. when truck is running and i try to stop the pedal goes right to the floor and barely gets me stopped. i checked all lines for breaks, found nothing leaking anywhere, tried bleeding the lines, that didnt help. when i pump the brake while truck is shut off, pedal will firm up. i come down to thinkin it could be the master cylinder there, but i dont know. any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  5. yup...they dont biuld em like they used to i got an old f-150, no power nothing...cant have any problems with that
  6. dabaer

    Driving on ice - Vehicle question

    ive got a f350 with the 7.3 and i pull our wheelhouse. ive been out on 11 inches with that rig, but i like about 18 inches.
  7. dabaer

    Tip up fishing

    blaine, ive done that to, i call it the texas round up only do it when the fishing is slow...no experience to it working!
  8. dabaer

    Tip up fishing

    ive always done it the same way as you! run as fast as you can!
  9. dabaer

    99 silverado tranny

    deadeye, thanks for the info. very true...too much goin on for me too!
  10. dabaer

    99 silverado tranny

    he already changed the fluid and filter. deadeye if the solenoid is bad, would it still go into the gears, and wouldnt it get a check engine light?
  11. hi there, a friend of mine has a 99 silverado with 143000 miles, its got an auto tranny. Last summer it started to shift hard between first and 2nd gear. It does it mostly when the truck is cold in the morning but once it warms up to running temps it shifts fine. now that the temps have started to drop it is not acting up as much compared to the summer. But now he is thinking he should get a rebuild. I was just wondering if anyone has an idea of what could be going bad, and if he needs to get the rebuild. thanks
  12. dabaer

    Setting wheel house on ice?

    have a wheel house but i never leave it out if i aint in it, its always hooked up to the truck, bring it home everytime!
  13. dabaer

    ford exploder

    kinda like a noid light!?
  14. dabaer

    ford exploder

    sorry to change the subject, but i got a quick question for ya. airjer, you told him to use a spark tester. Not sure what that is or if ive seen one, just wondering what exactly the spark tester is? thanks
  15. dabaer

    2004 ford expedition

    second the alternator