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  1. 17FishMan

    115 mercury

    Yes you definetly have something wrong with that motor. Running a 17 pitch aluminum on that boat should easily get you to the rev limiter. I have the exact same motor on a 2008 1750 fisherman with 16 pitch Vengence SS and I get 42 mph @ 6200. You have a smaller and lighter boat so you should easily get to the mid 40s at your rev limiter. Are you sure that you are getting the trim set correctly? If you leave the motor all the way down you would get these type of numbers.
  2. 17FishMan

    Loving the new iPilot

    I'm just wondering how well these things work at slow speeds. I like to troll real slow with lindy rigs.... .4 to .8 mhp. anyone have any experience working them at these speeds in moderate wind/waves?
  3. 17FishMan

    Which motor ?

    Right on Ice Hole. Did all my own maintenance with the john/zuki. Was a great motor. Honestly wish i had it over the Merc.
  4. 17FishMan

    Which motor ?

    I had a Suzuki(Johnson) 115 4 stroke on my pro-sport, now have the Merc. 4s, They are both great motors, but i thought the Suzuki had a bit more low end power, and was definetly quieter
  5. 17FishMan

    Crop Status - SW MN

    Hunted Ivanhoe and Marshall areas Sat. & Sun. Crop harvest seems to be 98% complete. Hunted numerous WMA and Game preserves that have done great for us in the past. Sat. bagged 3 rosters. Sunday was just plain awful. Zero rosters and kicked up maybe half dozen hens. Hope it was just the funny weather on Sunday and not that drastic of a loss in pheasant populations. Hunted with two excellent dogs and five guys.
  6. 17FishMan

    Difference in Lund types

    Just went throught the 2008 lund catalog for TYEE and Fisherman(1750 & 1850) both TYEE and Fisherman in these two sizes are IDENTICAL with regards to technical specifications. Hull thickness, length, width, depth Ect. As been said before, the difference in the two boat series is fit and finish. In addition to the HP rating, 175 max vs. 150 on the 1850 and 150 max vs. 135 for the 1750.
  7. 17FishMan

    Difference in Lund types

    Hull wise there is no difference between the 17 and 18 foot TYEEs and the Firsherman. Exact same hull. Fit and finish, big diffference. Also 1750 tyee is rated for larger motor. Was told this was marketing decision. The biggest thing to cosider is that, I don't think there is a 19 foot Fisherman avaiable.
  8. Anybody been on the Lac recently? Leaving tomorrow morning and was just wondering what the fish were doing.
  9. 17FishMan

    Lac Seul vs Wabigoon and Dinorwic

    not sure what you looked at, but I got one for around $25.00 for Lac Des Mille for or trip in two weeks...? It looks to me that you can buy all four quadrants for $100.00, Whick of corse you don't need. If your staying at Fisherman's Cove all you would need is the NW section.
  10. 17FishMan


    Yeah, thats the same lodge my group is staying at we will have to try to connect that week. I will be driving a black Lund Fisherman.
  11. 17FishMan

    Lac Seul Muskie

    www.trakmaps.com They have geat maps available for Lac Seul
  12. 17FishMan

    A Lowrance Question before i throw it in the lake

    Ok..I have the 522 also, I've looked and looked and cann't seem to find the SHALLOW WATER mode. Where is it. Thanks.
  13. 17FishMan

    How many fair weather fisherman ??

    I hate the wind also, but I've caught my biggest fish in windy conditions.
  14. 17FishMan


    Pyrex... What lodge are you staying at, I believe my group is going to be at Lac des Mille Lac the same week.
  15. 17FishMan

    where is everybody going for opener

    Lake Sarah...!!!