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  1. How long before the yuppies get their way? Been looking for one to start cyote hunting and its getting pretty rough to find one around here! Everyone on facebook and every argument I hear from across the table is handguns and automatic rifles caused this!
  2. broken_line

    2000 xc value?

    what is a 2000 xc 500 worth? it is in mint condition with aroound 2600 miles
  3. lately ive been hearing alot of howling and yipping at night and was wondering whats the best approach to hunt prarie cyotes? where i live there are steep hills and flat fields.. is it best to drive around and look for them or sit on a hill and call? also whats the best weather for them? i was coon hunting in a barn with some friends chased them around, ran out of .22 ammo one grabbed a pipe and dispatched the critter trying to knaw on him and the descussion if killing a coon with a club or pipe was legal? the regs are kind of unclear on that
  4. anyone heard of the gun? thinking of buying one..
  5. hsolist would probably be the easiest/ cheapest
  6. broken_line

    cleaning and waxing a boat?

    i had 3 buddies try to find the smell but they all said the whole boat stunk so i took it to work and it got truck wash, antibacterial soap, some mold killer and the whole thing got scrubbed and pressure washed and now it doesnt stink!!! just smells like soap..
  7. broken_line

    South Dakota vs Minnesota for Walleyes

    agreed.. the government can actually conserve its resources over there.. better waterfowling by a extreme long shot, upland hunting, abundant deer of many species, fishing is top notch, the varmnint hunting is non stop compared to driving 5 hours of gravel roads to see a yote and the public land is also some pretty good stuff.. here the men in green simply dont care about anything that dont make 'em money..
  8. broken_line

    cleaning and waxing a boat?

    i have a 16' pro fisherman that has a fairly pungent smell comming from by the fuel tank. im wondering if i should use john deere carpet stain remover, malco truck wash, and an smoke odor eliminator back there to try to get rid of the stink.. how should i dry the boat after power washing it? also i have buffed the outside with wizzards finish cut then put 2 coats of maguires cleaner/wax on it.. think that will stay on?
  9. broken_line

    Tilt/Trim jack question

    what type of trim do you have? if its a 2 trim 1 raise type system then your motor will be able to push the raise ram back into the two tilt rams. i believe there is a pressure valve so if you hit something it will give. nothing you can really do about it other than check the fluid and dont goose it.
  10. broken_line

    classic 50 to 60hp evinrude?

    my bad, its a 1978 3 cylinder 60 hp. i believe he wants around 250 to 300 for the whole boat and trailer. but the boat has a cracked transom. it is not oil injected. what should the compression be? around 130? how can i test the electrical?
  11. broken_line

    classic 50 to 60hp evinrude?

    i have an oppurtunity to but a really cheap 60 or 70hp evinrude motor, but the motor doesnt have spark, i believe its an 84. would i see any gains going from 45 hp to 60 hp? this is on a 16foot sylvan pro fisherman
  12. broken_line

    classic 50 trim problem

    i go to rasie the motor up and all it did was click. it moved a tiny bit going down. the motor appears to be shorted out i bypassed the silinoids and it s stuck.. how easy is it to take apart? could something in the motor be rusty or?
  13. heres my shot shell and rifle benches.
  14. broken_line

    will a 4.3 fit in a 2.8 hole?

    ive swapped a few ford motors but never a small chev in that small of a space.. its a 87 4wd 2 door.. im now thinking about getting a 3.4 to throw in becasue it seems to be just a drop in bolt up conversion?
  15. im thinking of buying a s10 pickup for the motor, trans and a few other partsto stick in my 87 s10 blazer that has a 2.8 in it.. any thoughts? would it fit?