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  1. JewellOutdoors

    Aquatic Bait in North Dakota

    This is a public service discussion to all anglers that head to ND for fishing. I had an interesting experience last summer with the ND Game and Fish, and wanted to pass along what I learned to the the HSO community! There are new rules regulating the transport of live aquatic bait into ND. Here is the rule: You cannot transport live aquatic bait (leeches, minnows, etc) in to ND as an Angler. Period. Last summer, we were selling bait to fishermen in North Dakota. The ND Game and Fish set up a sting and ordered some from me under a false name. I of course completed the order. I was assessed a class B misdemeanor, and a $250 fine. (There is a much more interesting story that goes along with this - happy to share offline) Obviously, we didn't know about the new regulations. As I investigated the new regulations, I learned that: A) a fisherman living in ND cannot buy aquatic bait from anyone outside ND and have it shipped in. a fisherman cannot legally transport live aquatic bait INTO ND. Just wanted to give anyone heading up to Devils Lake or anywhere in ND a heads up. These guys are serious about tracking live bait movement, and trying to prevent movements of invasive species. You are however allowed to buy bait once you get into ND from a bait shop. Anyone have any similar experience regarding live bait in ND? How do you see regulations affecting live bait use in the future?
  2. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    I remember catching them a lot when out checking minnow traps as a kid. I used to bring them home in a pail and play with them - and let em go in our pond. Should've been selling the darn things!
  3. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    Good Tip Ed- we'll have to see if we can "acquire" some!
  4. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    Haha - thats a good thought Brad! Although, 244 bullheads would be a heck of a lot to go carting around! We used to catch them in hooper traps when we would trap out our Walleye fingerlings, in one particular pond. If we had any walleye left, we'd sort them out, and then grind up the bullheads as leech bait. Maybe keep a few fat ones for eatin!
  5. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    Interesting thought Brad. If I can find a way to ship them - I will start carrying them!
  6. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    Here in La Crosse - they are giving (taking - depending on view point), $18 per dozen. Wish I had a supplier too. Thought I'd throw it out there and just see who knows a guy...that knows a guy. As long as it is legal - I got in too much trouble last year!
  7. JewellOutdoors

    Willow Cats?

    I'm looking for a will cat supplier. Isn't everyone fishing Walleye on the Mississippi? Anyway, I have some tournament guys that are big into them, and would probably go through a hundred dozen if we had access. Anyone used em? What's your success?
  8. JewellOutdoors

    The traps are ready...

    Leech traps are ready to hit the water - as soon as we have ice out. Hope to be shipping leeches by April 18th, if not sooner (just depends when ice is out). My phone is ringing off the hook with southerners asking for leeches! Thank you to some that have expressed concern about our HSOforum - it is being fixed. If you have Internet Explorer as a web browser, you should no longer have issues viewing it. Here is a link to our full post about the situation in the sponsor's forum:
  9. We now have leeches available for the 2010 Season! Now shipping Medium and Large where ever you need them. Jumbos probably in about three weeks or so! Free shipping in Midwest! or just call me at 712.790.4630 to order. For more information, just visit There is a new page available there regarding leech care instructions!
  10. JewellOutdoors

    Sturgeon Excursion 2010 April 16-18

    If you've got a name of someone up there that should watch for them, that would be wise too. Better to be safe, and make sure they get put in a cooler or fridge.
  11. JewellOutdoors

    "Ice Out" this spring

    Since ice out affects the fishing leech supply, we're also holding a contest to celebrate it at Jewell Outdoors. You can enter your guess for the date leeches will be available to ship at this link:
  12. JewellOutdoors

    Sturgeon Excursion 2010 April 16-18

    Sounds great! I'll be out and about in the early part of the morning - but back in around 10.
  13. JewellOutdoors

    Sturgeon Excursion 2010 April 16-18

    As long as it is in the United States - we can usually ship it there. We shipped our first crawlers this week - and we'll be sending more out starting Tuesday next week. Might even have leeches available on the 18th! Traps went in today on one of our ponds...
  14. JewellOutdoors

    Shelf life of a wax worm?

    Oops! Guess the wife was probably a bit surprised by that one!
  15. JewellOutdoors

    Shelf life of a wax worm?

    I just heard from another guy that if you put food coloring in your sawdust, and let it dry, then add your waxies back in, they will take on the color ...kinda like euro larvae. Anyone tried that?