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  1. gunning

    biffle bug

    I guess one other thing about this bait is not look at it like a jig, but look to use it where I would be dragging bottom with a crank bait. Davis was saying that in practice he watched two boats go through a spot throwing cranks and not catch a fish. He went in after them and caught 3 and he knew he had something going with the Hardhead.
  2. gunning

    biffle bug

    I think the first time I saw him fishing it on TV it just looked like he was swimming it. I've been reading up on how he fishes it, he is throwing it with a 7/16 or 9/16 head which is heavier than most swim jigs I throw. It sounds like he's banging it off the bottom almost the whole time over so he's getting that deflection/reaction bite and reeling it pretty fast with a 7:1 reel. I have to order a few of these heads and give it a try.
  3. gunning

    biffle bug

    Well the bait has been around for a few years Tommy Biffle has won 3 or 4 tournaments in the last couple of years on the Elite Series using the Gene Larew Hard Head Jig with a Biffle Bug trailer. Mark Davis has been crushing on the Elite's this year, leading the AOY standings and has been throwing the Hard Head With a Strike King twin tail grub. I think they are throwing it over hard bottoms or in places where you would throw shallow or mid depth crank baits. Has anybody used this set up how has it worked for you in Minnesota.
  4. gunning

    Early Bass Season - Get your Comments In Now!

    message sent, told her we need more public herrings, conduct a few more government run studies, get some more politicians involved this has been moving way to fast a good bureaucracy moves way slower than this. JK I'm in favor of the change.
  5. gunning

    One Week in Kansas 3 Bucks

    Awesome deer right there. I was down in KS a little later then you were but we started getting a bunch of daylight photos of bucks starting on the 4th 5th and 6th the deer were moving right before that storm went through you guys timed it right.
  6. Looking to rent a cabin somewhere in the Okoboji chain or spirit lake. Cheaper the better nothing too fancy but a kitchen would be nice. I have done a few searches but there is so many to choose from just thought I would ask here first for a few ideas. Thinking we will be fishing mostly Spirit, thanks.
  7. gunning

    Spot Reserved for Deitz's fish

    Heck of a fish right there Deitz!! The big fish must be biting this week my friend caught a hog monday night, and I cant find the time to get out. How long have you been using those punch skirts, do you think you get more bites with them over a jig or texas rig at times.
  8. gunning

    Mille Lacs Smallies

    I was up there for a day two weeks ago and only caught 2 smallies. We just fished rock points and flats in 4-10 feet of water. The water temp was in the mid 60's and I found out later when we got off the lake it had dropped about 10 degrees in a few days. We talked to a one of the DNR fisheries guys at the landing and he said the smallies had finished spawning about two weeks before we fished there and most of them that were being caught were in the 12-18ft range so I guess we were just not looking deep enough, lesson learned.
  9. gunning

    First Smallie trip to Mille Lacs

    Hopefully if the weather permits a friend and I are going to make the trip up to Mille Lacs this week. We are going to have to watch the weather because his boat is 17 ft with a 60Hp and we are going to have to probably launch and stay on the side the wind is coming from. So far the forecast is not calling for too high of winds. I have never been on the lake before and my friend has a few spots he likes on the north end. To be honest I have been fishing all my life and have never caught a small mouth, just never really had a chance to fish a lake that had many of them. So I'm really looking forward to this!! I know a lot of you guys fish this lake and was just wondering if anyone has some advice for me like what are some must have lures to bring and what colors? I was thinking green pumpkin tubes, stick baits and maybe some top water stuff. I'm thinking the fish are just coming off the spawn up there so we might start looking shallow or do you think we might have better luck fishing deeper structure out there right now?
  10. gunning

    Vendetta Rods

    What? The Vendetta 7'3 Heavy I have feels as light and better ballanced with a revo than my 7ft Avids at a lot cheaper price. I havent fished a lot yet with Vendetta but for the money its a pretty good rod.
  11. gunning

    Best hook for T-rigged beavers

    Larson I'm going to try the straight hook this year. After reading about them and playing around rigging some just use the hook point to make a channel 3-4 time through the bait and then just pull the hook point back into the bait some.
  12. gunning

    Flippin Setup

    For pitching docks I like 7ft MH fast Scheels Tournment rod, it has a fast action but has a little softer tip than most and I just like it for whatever reason. I pitch with it but its real good for making short roll casts when I can't reach a target by pitching. If I'm flipping or pitching grass I use a heavy rod. I second the Abu Garcia Vendetta Rod, I actually picked one up Fri. I have two Avids and I like them a lot but that Vendetta feels great in your hands with a Revo on it. I compared the Avid and Vendetta side by side with Revos on them and I would say for just feel the Vendetta feels better, more balanced. I will have to wait to see how it fishes. They are running a deal on them right now if you pay full price on last years Revo SX (which is a good reel) you get a Vendetta free out the door for $182. I got the 7'3" heavy and I will use it for pitching grass this year.
  13. gunning

    Fishing for bass and releasing before season opener

    What I don't understand is that the DNR opens the deer season right smack in the beginning of the rut and keeps the fishing season closed until after the spawn kind of ironic don’t you think. The whole deer overpopulation argument is bunk too we might be lucky if we have 1.5 deer per square mi of habitat down here in Blue Earth Co. The DNR is run by a bunch of idiots!!
  14. gunning

    Side imaging on the bow

    If I was spending your money Shiltsy I would go 898 and 858 combo up front, I think the cost is about the same and you might like having the bigger screen up front. Have fun with the new boat by the way.
  15. gunning

    Bass thumb.

    Wayne a friend and I might try to head down maybe in a week or two. Whats that lake like water clarity structure ext. What were the water temps, I take it spawn might a few week away yet or are they already moving up and making beds?.