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  1. Bushwacker Be careful about counting your chickens before they hatch. You know what can happen when you make assumptions. Good luck and enjoy the hunt. Just remember it isn't all about the numbers.
  2. Rick Was this your first trip to ND? I found the hunting to be good, but pretty average compared to previous years. We had previous hunts where 5 guys had their birds in under 45 minutes. [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 10-09-2003).]
  3. Rick Was this your first trip to ND? I found the hunting to be good, but pretty average compared to previous years. We had previous hunts where 5 guys had their birds in under 45 minutes. [This message has been edited by Rick (edited 10-09-2003).]
  4. BLB Here we are not seeing eye to eye on this issue on another forum. That is alright, we have an understanding on this one. We don't agree. Here is how I see it. Just because something makes it easier to kill ducks, it does not make it good for the sport. I do not using spinnning wing decoys and I have not had any issues identifying ducks or losing cripples. The spinners have made poor hunters average, average hunters above average and above average have stayed where they were before. Where will the technology end? Will we soon have motorized flocks that circle your decoys and land in your spread? Some consideration has to be focused on the resource and not just the harvest success. That is my 2 cents.
  5. BLB I don't disagree at all on that statement. I don't want to see the ban apply to MN only either. If they are going to ban them, it has to be done on a federal level. My concern are not just with the harvest levels in MN, but the flyway as a whole. If we want ducks for the future this is one small step that can be taken. I will be interested to measure the spinners effectiveness this year in a couple weeks. I will be hunting MN in a couple weeks again and will have a chance to compete with spinners. A couple of years ago, I was shocked to see their effectiveness. I watch a hunter who normally has limited success, pull the ducks from great heights. With 1 spinner, 6 floaters and no calling. That just aint right. He wasn't even set up with the wind direction correct and we could see him and his boat from 200 yards away.
  6. There are birds, if you can find water. The weekend started slow, but got better after doing so work. Not as easy as previous years.
  7. I also believe that you are incorrect. I remember as a kid that MEA weekend was the first weekend for evening hunts. That would be the 3rd weekend of October. Consider it great that the season opened in September, then you don't have to wait until Oct 18th for the evening hunt.
  8. If anyone can predict it, I would like to know their secret. It is so weather dependent, it would impossible to predict 100%. Looking at past years, I would say that next weekend is too early for any real northern flights to head our way. The earliest push seems to be around the MEA weekend (mid-October), but it varies so much. If it never gets too cold and water stays open up north, they will stay there as long as there is food available. The birds don't migrate because they have some internal clock that tells them to head south, lack of food and open water moves them south. I know that the southern boys have been ticked the last couple of years because the majority of the mallards never got down as far as them. They were accusing the nothern states of using aerators to keep the lakes open and dumping grain in the fields to feed them and keep them north. They will think of any accuse to extend their seasons down there.
  9. I guess most people don't find humor in breaking game laws. Those who say that they could get away with it if they wanted to. It shouldn't be the fear of a ticket that keeps you from breaking the law. It should be your ethics and doing what is right. If sportsmen don't police themselves what will be left for the future?
  10. Quigley Sounds like you have the diease. It can do some strange things to you. Like casue you to write poems.
  11. I agree with some previous comments. First off, if you aren't that good limit your calling. It will do more bad than good. Learn to call in your truck not your duck boat. You can experiment in your blind, but get down the basics before you get in the blind. I also use the word "Hoot" for producing a quack. The #1 thing to good calling is learning to control your air flow. You have to breathe from your gut. If you puff your cheeks, you cannot control your air. As you get more skilled you can learn to use your tongue to control the air flow. You can use your tongue to cut off "notes" and produce the right type of rhythm to your calling.
  12. I agree with High ball. I got a Quackhead last year and it is the first single reed that I like. I can get a whole range of sounds and volumes. Good call, reasonable price. I also like Duck Commander calls, but I think that all the ones I have are all double reed calls.
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