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    Pfunk,you going to enter your bird? I almost forgot to enter mine. 
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    This was the last morning my son and I could go out. We are glad we did. We took yesterday morning off as I needed to work and we were both dog tired from getting up at 4:00 Friday thru Monday. We had seen birds almost everyday but getting close was challenging. It seemed like the birds on this property really like to stay in the woods. So Monday when we left late morning I put the blind in the middle of the woods on a ridge top/pinch point where a couple mowed trails crossed. We heard birds in here both Saturday and Sunday morning and we could get in pretty quietly on the mowed trails. Kind of bold move as we knew we would be close to the roost and could bust them out but with this being the last day and I could only hunt for a couple hours it was worth the move. We got in pretty quietly about 4:50. I set up a hen and jake at about 15 yards. At 5:00 on the dot we had one gobble about 100 yards right in front of us. Perfect! he was pretty vocal. he was sounding off about 1 a minute. I was going to wait until about 5:15 as it was dark in the woods before I gave any soft clucks. About 5:10 a hen started clucking and she was really close. Maybe 50 yards but with the thick leaves we could not see her. Again perfect, I did not need to call as she was doing it for us. For the next 10-15 minutes every time he would gobble she would answer. It was kind really cool! Meanwhile we had others around us start gobbling. I seriously think this morning was one of the most vocal I have heard all season. We were trying to keep track. We think we had 7 different gobbles going in all directions. Guessing they were all within 1/4 mile. Kind of odd as we were here Monday Morning and only heard a couple a long ways way. About 5:30 the hen had been quiet for awhile so I gave a couple really soft clucks and a Tom Roared back from within 50 yards up in the tree. He must have been near the hen. Fun to see my son's eye almost pop out of my head. That dude was close! I gave a couple more, probably should not have as everything went silent. So I did as well. About 5:35 we heard 3 sets of wings fly down and away. Bummer. We sat silent for about 10 minutes. I was thinking of making a move to get in front of those birds when a 3-4 started gobbling to our right 2-300 yards. I clucked back and they answered every time and were slowly working closer. I think they were in the field but we were in the woods. Suddenly another one gobbled behind about 200 yards. My son wanted to move closer to him but I said we are in a good spot, a pinch point. And with birds responding we needed to be patient and see how it plays out a little longer. About 5:45 I gave a couple loud cuts and another gobble sounded back in front of us. The first Toms were coming back! Suddenly we spotted them at abut 75 yards. A hen, a Jake and 2 Toms and they were crossing in front of us but were not headed our way. So I gave a couple soft clucks. Both Toms puffed up, Roared, looked our way and as soon as they saw the decoys they sprinted up to them. Happened really fast! They again puffed up and circled the hen. I told Jake to wait for one to stop moving and then I clucked to get one to stick his neck out, as he did Jack dropped him ion his tracks! The other Tom trotted off a few yards and then came back to jump on him. Would have been an easy double! Jack's first Tom and a nice one to boot! Almost identical to the one I dropped a few weeks ago. 22 lbs, 9 1/4 beard. 1/2 spurs. Needless to say he was kind of pumped!

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    I get to hunt this awesome farm not far from home.  He doesn't want any guns on the property, but archery is okay.  I've had the place pretty much to myself for about 5 years now.  There are loads of birds. 
    My first sit was Friday evening, I had to wait almost an hour for the dozen or so birds already in the field to move off.  Almost immediately after getting set, birds started filtering back out of the woods.  Most headed to the landowners back yard. (see poor photo taken through my binoculars) There were about 40 in all including 5 longbeards. Unfortunately they all found ways around me on their way to roost none coming closer than 50-60 yds.
    Saturday morning they were already sounding off as I got out of my truck.  Birds were around me all morning - I counted 50 with 7 full fans in the bunch. Again, none showed any interest in my set up. 
    After a short break at midday I was back in the blind about 2:00.  Soon there were birds all around me again, finally two jakes came right in, but I chose to pass as there were two big strutters behind me. For some unknown reason, the next thing I know, there were deer and turkeys and sandhill cranes flying and running for the hills all around me. No clue what spooked them but the birds were all gone - I thought.
    Minutes later a big red head showed over a rise in the field, then two.  They would eye me up, but had plans to skirt me on the way to somewhere else.  They had gotten around me when I did a soft purr on my crystal slate call. Boy, they thought she sounded hot. Soon they were both in my decoys in full strut at 10 yds. I picked what I thought was the biggest, and when he was facing me I put my pin on the base of his beard and touched the trigger on my release.  The shot was true, 50 yds away lay my bird, stone cold dead.
    Bowhunting turkeys can be frustrating as all get out, but when it all comes together and you've got birds right in your lap, well it just doesn't get any better.  That being said, my next hunt will be in Wisconsin, and I'll probably be toting my shotgun just because I can.

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    After 50-60 hours of sitting in the blind, a mature Tom finally came within bow range! It has been a frustrating season with not many birds seen and the birds just not being where they should be. But as it is in the hunting world, sometimes things just work out like they are supposed to. Friday Morning got up at 3:45, supposed to be strong SE winds, so I elected to go to a small field and set up in the SE corner. All set up by 5:00. I have a jake decoy at 20 yards, a strutter at 10 facing the jake and a hen about 8 yards facing to the side. The Jake is my yardage marker. It was a pretty quiet first 1/2 hour with a few gobbles to the east 1/4 mile away and a few to the SE about 1/4 mile away. They usually don't roost near here but they work this way as the morning progresses. About 5:30 I started hearing gobblers from both directions working closer. I let out a few soft yelps, not sure if they could hear me and the birds to the SE gobbled back everytime and were working closer. About 5:45 a spot movement out in the field N of me, looking through the binocs I see a hen come over the field rise followed by another hen, 2 jakes and a Tom. They were about 150 yards and feeding right towards me. Knowing I might get a shot, the old ticker started to beat pretty good! As they picked towards me I would a couple soft chirps, clucks to keep the first hen on course, meanwhile the Toms behind me were gobbling and getting really close. Eventually the lead hens walked right to me and slightly to my right, to about 10 yards. The Tom ran up to my Jake decoy circled it and as he did I was able to draw without being busted by the others and he turned and puffed up and walked towards the strutter decoy. I also thought i could here spitting and drumming behind me, so that Tom was close as well. At about 12 yards I soft clucked with my mouth call, he stretched his neck out to Gobble. Pretty darn cool! That was the last sound he made as the arrow sliced though the base of his neck and he flopped around and did the upside down bicycle. As I stood over him I could still hear 2-3 other gobblers and they were fairly close, I still want to put my son on a bird, so I took a few pictures and quietly slipped out carrying all that junk I drug in, It was a good work out! He was right at 20Lbs, 9 inch beard, 3/4 inch spurs. This is the first morning this season that they acted like they were supposed to! Needless to say a very fun morning!

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    Been having a tough time getting out.
    Spent 2 days in Wisconsin with the shotgun. A couple encounters but both hung up out of range.
    Got out with the bow this morning in MN.
    An absolutely enchanting morning.
    Had a Tom engaged at 5:30.
    5 Hours of gobbling, Phfft-ing, strutting, and staying just out of range or behind brush & trees.
    Finally stepped to where I could get a clear shot off.

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    I would stick around for that,and also having a personal guide that is cheap and spending great time in the woods with my kid. 
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    He does have a whiskey every night, 5:00 exactly.  Mostly he walks. A lot.  Always has.  His dad lived to 104.  Maybe I should start taking better care of myself just in case I live that long
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    Luck shined down on us one more time. So proud of my dad. Still gettin' it done at 94!

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    Got it done this morning guys.  Lots of fun to double up with the guy who got me into the sport, far too late in life.  Better late than never.  Mine was 10.39 kg (my dumb scale is Canadian) 10 inch beard, and broken spurs but both over a half inch.  I will write it up later.

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    Ppfftt DOOM! 
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    That's how my bird made his mistake,I herd him spit in drum 5 yards behind the blind. Really a cool sound and I have ran arrows though many of them doing it to my decoys. 
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    Don said it all, first archery bird me.

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    Called in a true giant on Thursday evening to 20 yards and my buddy screwed up and hit him through the breast and clipped the wing. My legs are still sore from chasing that bird.  Called in 2 toms 2 Jakes and 4 hens last night for my brother but we had a miss communication on the range. Hind sight the toms were at 21 yards but I could not see them so I told him to hold off,didn't want to chase another one. 
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    Congratulations Don on another great bird
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    I appreciate the idea very much!  DonBo also had a nice offer too. However my buddy really wanted to hunt his land and we wanted to get the three of us together for the weekend. If we had an extra day or two if have happily taken you guys up on the offer. Next time!
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    Archery hunting turkeys is difficult at best, but when it all comes together It's as exciting as it gets. 

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    Called in a true giant on Thursday evening to 20 yards and my buddy screwed up and hit him through the breast and clipped the wing. My legs are still sore from chasing that bird.  Called in 2 toms 2 Jakes and 4 hens last night for my brother but we had a miss communication on the range. Hind sight the toms were at 21 yards but I could not see them so I told him to hold off,didn't want to chase another one. 
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    Well B season is in the books for me 2018 was a success, downed a Nice Tom Thursday. The season  started out with some serious anticipation To say I was like a little kid in a candy shop opening morning would be a understatement. Got out into the blind at 5.30 am Wed morning. Was hunting a known travel route on the edge of a cut corn field. Heard some gobbling near some roosting areas at 6-6.15 then all quiet. First hen showed at 7 then 3 more at 7 .15 and another at 7.20. No gobblers with. Was kind of bummed no gobblers were with the hens but I still had hope. At 8.30 I here a few gobbles . I throw out a few yelps and one strikes off. Well it took 20 minutes or so and here they come 3 Nice Toms. Call them to 62 yards and they hang up. They walk around a bit out of range and then walk away.  Had a full strutter out with two hens and I think they spooked from it but will never no.  Sat till 11.00 no more sightings. Go have dinner come back at 1 sit in another blind near a roosting area till dark not a bird heard or sighted. Thursday morning back to the cut corn field blind. Set out my full strutter and two hen decoys. Going all in or bust.  Sun rises not a sound near the roosting area. Not a good sign but I still have faith.  At around 8 I have two jakes come in at about 20 yds. Could of been over but had my mind set at a Tom. They play around a while and leave. At 10. 30  I see 2 toms and 6 hens out in front of me about 200 yards away. The Toms are both strutting with 4 hens in a cow pasture. I watch the show with my binoculars . While watching them I hear a gobbler strike off in the distance. . Give out a few yelps, and clucks  and nothing. Sit and wait still hopeing something happens. At about 11 I look over and here one comes a nice Tom silently sneeking in at full strut. He slowly makes his way in at 35 yds he offers a ideal shot and I took him. Dropped him in his tracks. The end of the story and hunting season Was a great hunt  enjoyed some great weather, saw a lot of activity turkeys, pheasants, deer, coyote and a opossum. And Fortunately bagged a bird. 21.88 pounds 10 inch beard, 11/4 spurs. Hopeing the rest of you are successful this season.

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