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  1. Often times boat names are linked to: What style of boat you have (triple threat with the tri-hull), how it is you came about the $$ or career you chose to make your living, what types of things happen on your boat (ie are you just "chillin" or is it always "pandemonium", or anything else you can think of. When I bought my 26' Hydrasport with twin 225's I though of naming it double trouble because I know how much work it would be maintaining big twin motors, but ultimately left it as "temporary insanity" because this boat has a LOT of power

    New House

    Not a good idea

    Help with my motor

    Had the exact same problem on rainy river last year in my buddies boat with the same motor. Revd up fine in Neutral but no power in forward. We were ready to scrap the motor and sell the boat. It ended up needing new plugs and ran perfectly.

    Drywall Recommendations

    Feel free to call me if you like. I am a large drywall contractor out of Blaine. I could send one of my estimators out possibly tomorrow or else Monday. Meanwhile I'll be up on the Rainy River!!

    New House

    With the new building code you will now be required to hang 1/2" gyspum wallboard on your basment ceilings, even if unfinished. If you can, save yourself some money and headaches later and try to get all of your hvac, plumbing, and low voltage lines ran because if not, you will be tearing down all of the rock that your builder hung on the basement lids to do so. This new code just changed last month. Also ovcr 4500 sq ft of finished space including the basment will require you to have sprinklers.

    Friday is the last day MN

    thanks for the thread I almost biffed it
  7. I have tied a few hundred of them. Why not run quick change clevises on all of them? I do. It is the only way to go. Not too sure about treble hooks it seems unnecesasry they usaully smash spinners anyways and hookups should not be an issue. With trebles you are adding cost to you rig; making the hooks easier to see, and creating more snag problems. If you take an assemebly line method you will be able to tie them exponentially faster. I do 5 at a time; cut of 5 lenths of line, tie all 10 hooks, add all the beads, add all the swivels, etc.. It is fast

    Building up a seasonally wet trail

    Argo's are painfully slow in the water (about 2mph) but at least it's easy going you wouldn't be sweated up. And if theres less than about a foot of water you will be able to clip along pretty good.

    Move Kalil to Guard??

    Ben Leber on KFAN has came out and basically said that Kalil has no where near the proper skill set/physical attributes for Guard and that it is not a possibility to move him there.
  10. Anybody chip their newer Duramax that is running Diesel Exhaust Fluid? My truck has been slowed to 55mph and is calling for me to service my Diesel Exhaust Fluid- Instead I am thinking of just bypassing the DEF with a chip or 'tuner' becasue I am about tired of the DEF. I know one guy that has done it but was just looking for input from someone that has had positive or negative success with it.

    Electric Fillet Knife

    I bought a 4' extension cord that I keep attached to mine so I can always reach an outlet

    Electric Fillet Knife

    Definitely just get the corded version if you don't need to be portable. They are about 1/2 price of a cordless. I have a mister twister and it is great.

    vikings new uniforms

    IMO anybody caught up with just how perfectly the helmet matches the Jersey is channeling their inner 'Queer eye for the strait guy'. Who cares. I like the jerseys- they have the throwback look. Would you people actually prefer those ridiuclous ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE jeresys that they have been wearing?

    Website or App that shows wind conditions

    For a HSOforum iwindsurf has always been really great but I havent gotten the hang of the app yet. I dont really like the app.

    Playstation 4

    What is going to be better about it? Just better graphics?