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  1. I've been having a lot of issues with flares and ghosting and am wondering how to fix the problem. I am currently using a UV filter and don't have a hood yet. Should I be using a polarized filter or should I simply buy a hood? Is it the filter or the hood that really makes the difference? Or is it a combination of both? It could simply be the angle I'm shooting as well though, I am a noob to DSLR's. I'm also looking for a new/better lens for my D3100 and would like any opinions. I'm strongly looking at the 55-300 AF VR but also considering the 70-300 AF VR lens. I just can't see why there is so much of a price difference between them which is why I'm favoring the 55-300. Thanks in advance for any and all input.
  2. Bottle Fish

    Lake One Chain and the Pagami Fire

    Love the third image.
  3. Bottle Fish

    High Flyer

    I'm the Iron Maiden fan personally. Bud not so much, but that is a fantastic shot.
  4. Bottle Fish

    The Bug Thread

    @ LeeKen and Finbay - Just curious of what kind of lens you are using. I just bought my first DSLR and am looking to upgrade my lenses. I Have a Nikon D3100 and really like macro and landscape photography and I'm wondering what lensesyou use and/or recommend.
  5. Bottle Fish

    The Bug Thread

    I just bought my camera so I only have a couple of bugs so far. Personally I think they are my favorite thing to take pics of. Both were slightly out of focus, like I said it is a new camera.
  6. Bottle Fish

    New options for ice electronics???

    There is the new LX7 out this year, however you said smaller and more portable, so personally I would go with the showdown. My neighbor has one and I must say it is a nice unit. Compact and does all you would need.
  7. Bottle Fish

    Cool Cats?

    Thanks Borch. Guess it never dawned on me to check the St. Cloud forum for a thread. Now I just have to decide if I'll go to Bockfest or go fishing. Honestly fishing sounds better. No hangover involved with that and after attending the last 2yrs I would hate to miss it. I'll see ya on the ice.
  8. Is there a date set for the Cool Cats get-together yet? Please tell me it isn't the 5th of March.
  9. Bottle Fish

    From Vexliar to Marcum

    I went from an FL-18 to the LX5 and honestly couldn't believe the difference in target separation. It truly is like night and day and I know you won't regret making the switch, I sure don't. <-- Notice the profile pic.
  10. Bottle Fish

    Flip over fish houses

    Get a thermal Canvas Craft. I don't own one yet but it will be my next house I get.
  11. Bottle Fish

    Well that stunk...

    If it makes you feel any better at least you have been out, I have yet to be on the ice. As for the conditions you are talking about, all of the reports around Hutch have been the same. Drill hole, watch the geyser for a bit, then stand in slush and catch little to nothing at all.
  12. I was wondering what the biggest ice fishing contest in the state is because my brother, myself and no more than 6 others are planning on going to it, wherever it is. Also how much do you think we would be looking at to rent a fish house, preferably a sleeper, for all of us? (2 if needed) Price really doesn't matter however if you know of any resorts that are reasonable we wouldn't mind saving some money either. Thanks in advance for any response.
  13. Bottle Fish

    Cold-Snap Gear?

  14. I just picked up a pair of the Vexilar Cold-Snap bibs that were on sale at FF and was wondering what someone who owns a pair think of them. Warmth, durability and how waterproof they are mainly. Thanks in advance.