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  1. Itsa Pole Bender

    Convert Humminbird boat sonar to ice flasher?

    I did what you are inquiring about three years ago with a 787 C2i. I bought an ice ducer, and two 12 volt batteries (the same size that would be with a vex), and a heavier plastic tool box. I Modified the tool box to hold the batteries on each side, and to hold the head unit. I cushioned the head unit with weather stripping. I put alligator clips on the power line connecting to the head unit. I bolted the mount to the top of the tool box. I also bought a suction cup ducer so my 787 goes with me on the ice and in the boat when fishing on others boats.
  2. Itsa Pole Bender

    What do I need to do.....

    Fathead.....I have a 787CI with an internal antenna. I had to buy the ice ducer. I also bought a new hand held tool box and modified it to hold two 12 volt batteries, the head unit and ducer. I mounted the head unti mount to the top. It is now a portable fish finder that can be used in the winter or summer. Oh... I also bought the suction cup transducer for the summer.
  3. Itsa Pole Bender

    Plowing Snow with 4-Wheeler Question(s)

    Thanks guys.... As far as the blower idea, I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do. I have a John Deere X360 that is an awesome mower and has hydraulic lift and power steering. So as far as moving snow getting a blower attachment would definately be the better option. However, I am having trouble justifying the $1,600+ it would cost to get the blower, weights and chains. I figure I could outfit the 4-wheeler for around $700?? Deep, If I go the plow route I will send you an e-mail. Any other thoughts are welcome.
  4. Itsa Pole Bender

    Plowing Snow with 4-Wheeler Question(s)

    good info..... thanks hnf
  5. Itsa Pole Bender

    Plowing Snow with 4-Wheeler Question(s)

    Hey All, Through a downsizing effort by my wifes parents I am going to get a 2002 Yamaha Big Bear 400 (very fortunate for me). My main use for it will be ice fishing, and occasional trail riding. However, I am thinking about putting a plow on it to plow the driveway and two walk ways with. Does anyone have experience or opinions about plowing snow with a machine this size? Since it will be used mainly for ice fishing I am going to get chains for the tires. It does not have a winch nor do I know if I will need one for plowing. The only thing I have come up with FOR SURE while doing some research is that a pivoting (left and right) plow will make plowing with a smaller machine much easier. I look forward to reading any information provided and thanks in advance.
  6. Itsa Pole Bender

    2 line fishing bill?

    I already wrote my legislators and told them I am IN FAVOR of it!
  7. Itsa Pole Bender

    B e Carefull out there.

    that is why we should be marking holes with branches when wheel houses that have been up a while are moved, or more importantly when a spear house is moved.
  8. Itsa Pole Bender

    2 line fishing bill?

    You are right. It is not the best comparison and maybe I shouldn't have made it. Inland lakes typically could succumb to overharvesting more quickly. However, overharvesting does happen on the great lakes too. It is good that the MnDNR has stayed on top of things and lowered the limits already.
  9. Itsa Pole Bender

    2 line fishing bill?

    Being that I was born and raised in a state that allows for two poles while fishing open water I would love to see it here in Minnesota. Maybe because that's the way I grew up fishing. Maybe it is because I have seen that it doesn't hurt the fishery (my opinion). Maybe it is because I am selfish and want the opportunity to try different baits/lures. Whatever the reason I think it is just fine. I grew up fishing Lake Huron and the rivers of north eastern lower penisula. This will upset a few of you, but the Walleye fishery on Lake Huron is much better than it is here. The daily limit is 5 fish and get this.... there is no such thing as a slot. I can go home and fish that lake a few times each summer and with 5 guys on the boat we limit out almost every trip. If we are using 2 poles each that means we finish our day on the boat earlier. Don't want to finish your day earlier, use one pole. We troll with up to 8 lines in the water, but the boats we use are typically bigger with more fishing room than the boats used here. Any more than 8 lines gets a little dicey when making turns so we limit it to 8. We have the option to use ten, but don't. If you have the option to use 2 poles you don't have to use 2 poles. On Lake Huron you are not fishing bends, drop offs or cover, it is just one big flat sand bottomed lake. So you troll in a straight line until you turn around. It is easier to run multiple lines. It wouldn't be so easy to troll here with more than 4 lines when you are constantly turning the boat to follow some type of cover. You could cetainly fish with more lines, but you would really have to watch what depth you are running your lures or baits at. It also wouldn't be overly easy to lindy rig or jig with two lines either. What I am getting at is that as far as Walleye are concerned there are circumstances that two lines would be a great option and then there are some where it would be difficult. It would be up to you to decide when you can do it. The perch fishery has suffered on Lake Huron. I don't think it has anything to do with two lines though. There is a huge Zebra Mussel problem in the lake. Zebra Mussels have in my opinion really affected the Perch and the fishery as a whole. A bigger issue though is that the limit on Perch use to be non-existant. Then it went to 100/day, now it is at 50/day. That is still to high. I don't care how many poles you use, if a daily limit is too high the fisherey will suffer. So these are the rants of a guy who has lived in Minnesota for 9 years. I am sure they are all jumbled and don't make a lot of sense, but I had to put it out there. For those of you who want to say that i should move back to Michigan.... My wife is from here and there is no way I will ever get her to move, so I am here. I fish and hunt here and love the opportunities the state gives me to do such. I really like Minnesota, even if i can only use one pole to fish with. I do have one quetion though. My question to those of you reading this thread is this. If you are in the camp that says two lines is not a good idea and the regulations are changed, will you never use two lines? Or will you go ahead and do it since it is an option. Sorry for the long post.
  10. Itsa Pole Bender

    The Devil in the woods

    I will be takling buckthorn at my house this spring. I started on it in the fall and ended up pulling out roots that were over 12" in diameter with the truck. I really only have a small space left to remove. Problem is, my rearyard neighbor has them all along our property line. I explained to her what they are and asked if I could remove it....... she said no!
  11. Itsa Pole Bender

    How well do the suction cup transducer mounts work?

    I don't have my own boat. Use my father-in-law's boats and he never has a decent finder on any of them. So I made a set up to turn my 'bird into a portable. I only use a suction cup for the transducer. In 5 years it has fallen off once as I was cruising across the lake. Wasn't a big deal as I always tie it to a boat cleat just in case. I agree with others that getting it in the right place is the tough part. I usually have no problems until I get the boat up around 15 to 20 mph. At that point you typically can't read your screen or depth. But as far as it ripping off while under power... i never worry about it. Funny thing happened once though.... My brother and I were trolling one day and he hooked into something "big". After a very long fight from a fish that he was sure was fighting his fish turned out to be a portable finder. Suction cup and all was still attached.
  12. Itsa Pole Bender

    Fillet or Scale PART 2

    I just scaled some crappie last week. Very easy. I have been looking for a good electric scaler for a while now because I love perch (my family's favorite for eating). And as you said...Perch are much more difficult to scale. Crappies and Sun fish are much easier than Perch.
  13. Itsa Pole Bender

    Garmin Oregon 400 T

    I have had the 450 for about 6 months now and yet to see any accuracy issues.
  14. Itsa Pole Bender

    8" auger or 10" ???

    I use a 10" auger mainly because I would like to start spearing again (haven't done it since I moved to MN). The 10" bit makes opening up a spear hole much quicker and easier than anything smaller. With that said, similar to when I move a spear shack I put boughs from the christmas tree in the hole when I leave the ice to mark it. I don't move around and drill 20+ holes a day like some guys do. I may drill 6 holes or so in a day. Taking 6 pine branches with me is no big deal.
  15. Itsa Pole Bender

    DNR Reminder: Fish shelter identification required

    Replying to VMS That is what my fishing liscence is for. We put enough money back into "the syetem" every day whether it is through income tax, gas tax, etc. If I legally don't have to spend $12 dollars on a government fee then I won't. I will use it on something I do need. That being said..... I don't know what the answer is to the question. But I also don't have a perm and wouldn't leave my porty on the ice without me.