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  1. 246 2/5....Seen a lot of deer passed on some small ones. Deer were every wear Saturday. Bucks chasing does it was fun to see. Sunday was the Dead Sea. Nothing moving at all and only heard 5 gun shots on public land. Seen hundreds of deer every night in the fields driving back from the woods to the cabin. I still can't believe 246 was lottery. There's deer everywhere!! Fun Weekend..
  2. Two 4 pointers doing battle on Sunday. While a few days stood around and watched. Zone 246..
  3. Cret Jigs, if you want a rod for throwing frogs, jigs, even bigger spinner baits. I have a little like new Daiwa Tatula 7-6" Heavy. The Rod is pretty versatile. New they sell for $170, selling it for $85. (or if anyone else wants it)
  4. The gen 2 Omens are nicer than the Gen 1. Very light and well balanced for a Rod in that price range. It feels like a Rod that costs more than $100-$120.
  5. No8 has a 1 yr warranty on manufacturing defects it says on their page. Spend a little more and get an Omen. The new Omens Gen2 are nicer than the original Omens. Really nice rods for $100-$120. The Omens carry a 5 yr warranty, might be worth the extra money and peace of mind.
  6. Just Ice fished out there. We stayed at the Galley. Has a bar and restaurant right there. Plenty of parking and 15 min from Enemy Swim. No far from Blue Dog or Bitter Lake as well. Every lake we fished we talked to guys who said the smallmouth fishing is great out there. The Galley is in Webster and the town had numerous places to stay.
  7. Anyone got an ice report? wondering how beat up the ice got this past weekend with the warm weather.
  8. Don't be afraid to go used either, you can get a used bow restrung and fitted at an established archery shop. Was a shop yesterday and the new Mathews was $1,100 just for the bow. I have a Mathews and when all said and done it was close to $2,000 after adding everything for the bow and arrows and cases. So if your buying new make sure you love it, like many said shoot the other brands you may like one better. Have fun shopping.
  9. Absolutely nothing.....all our money we spent on our two little girls. It was the best Christmas ever seeing there eyes light up. Best part was when my 6 year old said her favorite gift was her bow and arrow!
  10. Since the warm weather kicked in the deer movement in the area has been non existent. After dark about 7-8 the fields load with deer. They are in the area but totally nocturnal. This time last year they would be hitting the same fields and there would be 20 deer out in the fields by 4:15-4:30, but it was much cooler.
  11. If you can find some pines with the damp ground you can almost sneak up on some deer right now. I've been able to sneak around and find some in pines close to field edges late.
  12. I love deer hunting and dove into bow hunting three years ago. I too love to fish and thought about the time management, family, other hobbies etc. I'll tell you this I've learned more about deer and deer hunting in 3 years of bow hunting than 25 years of rifle hunting. I've watched and learned so much it almost makes gun hunting boring now. Earlier this fall I thought about quitting and selling my bow just because of time, I don't have as much as I'd like. I enjoy the woods just being out there and the challenge of bow hunting. Well I looked into selling actually and decided not to because my 6yr old daughter said she wants a bow for Xmas. So I kept it. Last night I went out hunting thinking about shooting a giant buck I've been hunting all year. 4 o'clock came by and a spike came down the trail I passed him and watched him for about 5 minutes within 15 yards of me. During that time I thought about "am I going to pass another deer, and eat a tag 3 years in row?" I've probably passed 30-40 deer in 3 yrs because I'm always waiting for the "one". I've practiced and practiced and never taken a shot at deer in my life with a bow. Well this spike decided to walk right up to me (I was hunting on the ground) 3 feet from me and look me eye to eye. It was probably the coolest thing I'd ever had happen in deer hunting. He did not know what I was, as I just was frozen. At that moment I decided if he turns away he's going to get an arrow. Well he walked away from me and I drew and shot him at 7 yards. Even though it was just a spike it was an awesome, crazy experience and I'm glad I took the shot. What was even cooler was I brought him home to a 6 year old and 2 yr old that thought he was so neat. In the end I think bow hunting is something that can't be matched with a gun. It's peaceful usually with limited pressure, and typically watching deer in there natural movement. It tests all your hunting skills and you will become a better hunter. Also archery is pretty easy to do year round and it seems to me the little ones take a liking to it as well. I'd say dive right in and you'll enjoy it, I'm really glad I did not sell my bow a month ago.
  13. Awesome day one you'll always remember. I hope some day mine wants to go, she's all about princesses and gymnastics. I got time though she's only 6. She did ask for a bow from Santa though. ( A real one that shoots real arrows she said..no toy bows) that made me excited!
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