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  1. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Sheriffs shuting down all public launches?!

    Lower South Long in Brainerd still has 18 inches just about everywhere- and I've drilled over 200 holes in the last few weeks looking for fish. Lots of 1/2 - 3/4 ton trucks still driving on it. I personally wont take my truck out there but with the lack of snow, I've been driving my mini van out to the house everyday.
  2. GrumpyOldCrappie

    tragic outcome from refilling 1 lb. propane tanks

    I have been filling one pounders for a few years now- always outside in my yard...never had any problems until last week when I was using a re-filled for my lantern. Just a few minutes after starting my lantern, I smelled something burning. I looked behind me and wow, there my lantern was on fire with flames all around it. I quickly put my gloves on, grabbed it, tossed it outside and threw snow on it so it wouldn't explode. This was pretty scary, especially since my daughter was in the fish house with me. I believe a leaky valve on the canister was the cause of it, letting liquid propane drip out because after I re-filled it, I could hear and smell it had a small leak. Now, this was nothing new to me- it's happened a couple of other times before... I simply push the valve down with a screw driver and it corrects itself and away I go. But I believe the valve on this canister malfunctioned again when I connected it to my lantern causing it to leak liquid propane while the lantern was burning. Maybe I'm wrong- maybe the mantels were shot and this caused it to start on fire, but whatever the case, after that scary incident, I decided I will no longer be re-filling my one pound cylinders.
  3. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Lets see some pics of your wheel or permanent houses!

    come on man... lets let this topic rest. I mean its fun to see the different pics and all but the topic is old news after all these years... let it die for now
  4. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Cordless Drill Auger

    Curious if anyone has used a cordless drill for drilling holes? We're taking a trip to the Boundary Waters in March and I really would prefer not to use a hand auger over and over and over... If a drill would work, what size battery works best and where could I get a the auger that fits in it? Thanks for any input!
  5. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Lake of the Woods Trip

    Hello, I'm thinking about taking a trip up to Lake of the Woods and either doing some winter camping on the lake or staying at a cheap motel/resort somewhere. I've never fished the big lake before and wondering if some of you that have, might be able to offer some advice on lodging and fishing spots- lalso would like to work in a day or two of good snowmobiling. Thanks for your ideas.
  6. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Jiffy propane auger - field test

    You may want to start filling your empty 1 pounders from a 20. Fleet has the adapter. I've been re-filling mine for a couple years now. Saves quite a bit of money over buying $3 cylinders all the time. If you decide to do it, you will have to relieve some of the pressure a couple of different times by sticking a tip of a screwdriver in the top for a second or two. This way you can get them 70-80% full.
  7. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Clam Command Post with Thermal

    I am looking to buy a 6x12 portable, probably the clam command post. Wondering if it would be worth upgrading to the thermal fabric. My concern is the additional 20 pounds in weight because lighter is usually better when it comes to portables. But... maybe it it would be worth it when it comes to heating the big lodge. Thanks for your opinions.
  8. GrumpyOldCrappie

    HOT BITE!!

    mr. funny man
  9. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Feeding Minnows

    Wondering what your opinions are when it comes to keeping crappie minnows around for lengthy periods of time (like 2-4 weeks) Do minnows need to feed and if so, what do you feed them, how often, etc. I keep minnows in a 5 gallon pail with a bubbler in it and change the water every 2-3 days... beats going to the bait shop all the time. Thanks for your input.
  10. GrumpyOldCrappie

    HUGE Trout

    Hey Steve, how do you embed a video? Nice touch!
  11. GrumpyOldCrappie

    HUGE Trout

    Here's a video that came into my inbox today... Looks like it was caught last year. Anyone know the guy that caught it?
  12. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Oops I think it's to big.

    That's a long unit!
  13. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Fishing Contest

    Anyone make it out to the big Extravaganza on Gull today? If so, how was it, did you catch anything? I didn't feel like soaking in the rain so I skipped it this year. I just looked at their web site- results are posted. The winner was a 6.26 pound walleye. I can't post the link due to forum policy but go to icefishing dot org to see pictures and results.
  14. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Using an under water camera

    Interesting thoughts, thanks guys!
  15. GrumpyOldCrappie

    Using an under water camera

    I've never used an underwater camera and I was wondering for those of you that do, how do they help your fishing experiences?