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  1. thefarmer

    New Ice Castle Rv edition fish house

    Try the spring factory auction, you probably cant be too choosy but there is deals to be had.
  2. thefarmer

    2017 Fish House Build

    Any frame specs on the spear house? And a guess on what your finished weight will be?
  3. thefarmer

    Questions before i start my house build

    I assume your spraying from the outside in so you don't end up with a moisture problem in the hollow space?
  4. thefarmer

    Questions before i start my house build

    So your gonna put 1/2" foam board between the aluminum stud and your furring strips? Making for a finished wall of 1/2" foam 3/4 " fur strip and 5/16" t&g? Have you felt cold spots in your last house without the foam backed strips?
  5. thefarmer

    Questions before i start my house build

    I have insulated window covers in my big house, they button on and even keep ice castle windows from being drafty! Figured I get one big enough to cover the whole drop door.
  6. thefarmer

    Questions before i start my house build

    Dealers are pushing to move their in stock inventory so I am kinda stuck with a shell that is on the lot to get a decent deal. I talked to a trailer sales guy and he claims they put tyvek or rosin paper in the bays to prevent the waves from the foam. Seems like it would eliminate most of the structural element of the spray foam. Plan b would be board foam sealed with can foam and also double as a backer for the t&g. It will only be a 6.5 by 12 or 14 so it shouldn't take much to heat but I hate drafts.
  7. thefarmer

    Questions before i start my house build

    Thanks hawg, should have mentioned I plan on buying a shell, yetti, firebrand, but most likely a ridgeline. The inside out approach would be ideal I think but I don't have that option unless I could find a skeleton frame.
  8. I want an ultralite fish house to use as a utility trailer in the off season, I can't find the design I want at the weight I want so I am gonna attempt a build. I had a few questions before I get started. The trailer I am considering using has .040 aluminum on it. If I spray foam it will it get wavy? I am considering using board foam to prevent this and also as a backing for the thin Maynard's tongue and groove. Any concern with the 5/16" t&g if I don't have backing behind it? Worried it might be too weak? Planned on furring strips 24" o.c. over the aluminum walls. Thanks for the input.
  9. thefarmer

    Nils Resharpening

    Thank you for your prompt service Frank! My slick blade cuts better then new, and it arrived back at my door fast!
  10. thefarmer

    Mounting Dish Tailgater on Wheelhouse

    Seen one in a wire basket looking thing on the front of the v. Not sure if it gets taken off going down the highway.
  11. thefarmer

    Using the graph from my boat?

    I have a hummingbird 998c HD si in my boat, was going to buy the transducer xi 9 20, looks like most features will work but wondering if anyone uses this setup. What settings do you use on the ice? Was thinking about putting it on a genz pack unless someone else has a better setup?
  12. thefarmer

    deep cycle bat for ice castle

    Problem with the flooded battery is venting, cold batteries have little reserve, with gel you don't have to worry about gassing when you charge so you can keep them warm.
  13. thefarmer

    Wheelhouse newbie question

    I bought a nils auger with the drill adapter built in, first weekend with the setup. I drop the house all the way down and take my stack of 9 hole sleeves and put in the hole so I don't get any slush on the floor. After the hole is drilled I run the auger in reverse and push all the slush down the hole. Works pretty slick. Leaving the 4 stroke at home from now on.
  14. thefarmer

    Extended Run Generator External Fuel Tank

    Bought the combo kit off Amazon. Went to the bait shop and bought the same fuel inlet as my kicker motor. Works perfect.
  15. thefarmer


    So you marcum guys, how do you get your unit to read in shallow mud? I am struggling with mine shallow. It goes from not reading the jig or depth to reading depth and so much interference I can't see my jig. Any pointers? Lx-9 here.