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  1. thanks canuck. i like the grunting while wlking in technique. this is something that has not dawned upon me to do. makes perfect sense to me. huskminn canuck hit the nail on the head. granted MN has densly populated areas but i really don't think many hunters travel more then 1/4 to maybe 1/2 mile in from any road. go deep especialy in areas that are frequented by several hunters. all decent game will get pushed into the middle from all sides. hunt the nasty stuff. forgive me i have not hunted SD and see your points about taking game at 300 plus yards. i feel people are creatures of habit and you may be looking for something similar. unfortunatly these areas are infested with weekend worriors which certainly would give me a bad taste. i would strongly reccommend to go into the woods deep, when you think your there go further, then look for the thick stuff. good luck to all! heading south on friday! (weekend worrior)
  2. sorry to here about the string break. i am fortunate to have never experianced that problem. i do know a fellow who got his grunt tube tangled in string at full draw and let go. dang thing darn near tore his head off. deer are amazing creatures. i had a doe and fawn walk by down wind. the fawn was none the wiser. the doe knew something was up but must have assumed i was there earlier or a differant day. she kept getting closer to the tree i was in and just wasn't sure. nice for me the closer she got i knew the wind would blow my scent over her. and i'm glad i left the lower branches in place. this blocked her view of me when she got close. finally she was satisfied and kept strolling down the trail. very happy with my rubber boots and scent locker suit. good luck hunting all!
  3. blackjack, 45 yards is a long shot and personnaly i would only attempt if conditions where ideal. typically i will practice out to 60 just for proficiancy. i consider 50 to be my max in perfect conditions. again i had no reason to shoot this buck. also i was sitting. i will not attempt to draw while sitting. good day all in all. i did see 9 deer of which 7 where bucks. 1 nice shooter never came out into field and was to far away. very anxious to get back down there. i did try to call them closer. i had the primos doe can. this actually spooked them further away. to early in season. i did not grunt. lets here some success stories and tricks that worked or didn't work. good luck hunting!
  4. well good news and bad. i was able to see several bucks. i felt everything was going good but made 1 minor mistake. did not have any effect on final outcome. friday night seen a deer to the left low and behold it was a little buck. i watched him and he came out staring in the direction he had come from. now i am the kind of hunter who can not stand for long periods of time so i typically sit on my portable until i see something or it gets closer to dusk when i need to be ready at all costs. the mistake i made was i did not stand up after seeing this little buck. i figured he was not a shooter so let him be. as i watched i seen another deer coming it pops out low and behold another buck. here comes a third and then i seen another in the woods. this deer came out of a differant spot as the rest, behind a little point. when he stepped out i thought wow hes a shooter. i got the range finder on him 67 yards and closing. as he faced me i brought up the binos and got a good look. he was just wider then the ears fairly tall (6 to 9) inch tines. but he was an 8 pointer. maybe 120 class deer. i let them go to live another day. he did close the gap to about 45 yards but i was still sitting and not sure about taking. had he been 10 point i would have had to just see if i could draw on him. hard to say but i did not stand up when i seen the first. (bad mistake). lesson learned again. good luck hunting all.
  5. huskminn, this is exactly what i am looking for. you mentioned blowing your chances on 3 170 class deer and never taking a huge buck. please share with me what happened to blow them chances. again i am no expert but i continue my quest to become a better hunter at all costs. i intend on gaining at least something from others successes or disasters. i would really like to know what happened to you so i hopefully will avoidthat same mistake. the most important thing is the chances of you and i hunting the same tract will be far and few. so please share with the readers what not to do. all hunters out there. this is what i want to know and hear. also success stories are very helpfull as well. i will be out this weekend at some land i hunt in southern mn. i have scouted and seen a few good bucks. nothing huge yet but who knows. i will keep all posted. i plan on grunting, using a decoy and ratling. the land is fruitful in the fact it has all key ingrediants to sustain mature deer. i only hope my short tme there will produce. good luck to all and slay the big guy!
  6. sounds good visinc. nice harvest. have you practiced shooting from it? i find it very hard to have that much top body movement when shooting. i prefer a solid stance and anchor. i have missed deer while in ground blinds trying to lean into the window. from a platform stand i have never missed due to free movement of the lower rather then the upper. allthough i strongly believe others testimonials rather then literature writen about a product. thanks for the input and keep us posted on all harvests.
  7. thanks blackjack and jim. an aquantance of mine happens to raise deer strictly for selling to farms. for truely large antlers his response is feed has little to do with enlarging antlers. genetics make up more then anything. simply put if the bucks genes do not contain big antler history. regardless of quality of food you will not increase its rack. the number one important factor to large deer is age. biggest sprout of antler growth was between years 3 and 4 from his history. still not peaking out till 7 or 8 in some cases. i am not sold on food for antler growth as much as i am sold on food for an attractant. food plots increase everyones chances for several reasons. 1 it gets deer in open terrain which is easier to see and shoot in. another is simply a larger viewable area to see more deer. another i like deer would prefer steak and lobster over mcdonalds any day. but my research does not show food to be as important to over all size as much as the articles make us believe. agian just simply looking for little tips that others have tried over the years. testimonials. and most importantly not just for me but for all hunters. i am looking to find everyones secret weapons they have discovered over the years. again good luck to all.
  8. i was talking to another hunter about decoys. he religiously uses decoys. a tip he offered was to always use a buck decoy and be sure to face it towards the trail you most feel the deer will come from. if facing another direction due to lake of movement it may appear the decoy has spotted danger thus creating caution to approaching deer and sometimes scaring them off. this is the type of information i am looking for on this thread. good luck to all!
  9. My background is 28 years hunting whitetail. i have killed several deer. i don't feel i'm new to the sport but trying to continuly change to better my odds. a trophy deer to me is at least a 140 class animal. how much time do others spend in the field prior to hunting season. in spring better then late winter? just always looking to better my odds.
  10. mayfly thanks. i did read that article just trying to get more tips on other factors then just scent. again testimonials are worth there weight in gold. hows grunting? anything out there would be great. good luck hunting all!
  11. in the search for the holy grail (deer), i ask other hunters to share thier experiances with us to better our abilities in the field. This day and age we have several amounts of information availible to us. Some useful some not. The best information can be obtained by testimonials from others (in our area). I am looking to gain more knowledge by personal experiances from locals rather then something that worked in Texas or Alabama... We have all read the articles. Like fishing nobody needs to know exactly where anyone is hunting, but simply what is working. Below are examples please expand and share your expieriances. How well does rattling work? better time of year? Does anyone use decoys? Bucks or dos? Scent suits? Cover scents? Scent attractents? (Doe in heat) Testimonials are better then articles writen out of state. lets here success stories and failures. it is better to learn by mistakes rather then get lucky occassionally.
  12. fisher dave geat job. are the arrows you used the same as practice arrows? i would say you may have weakened the nock by ticking it while practising. i always try to learn at least one thing while out in field. hoping to do it perfect one day. i too have had deer bust me. maybe the eyes, maybe terrain profile change, may be scent... could be to many things to mention. hopefully we all can learn more by topics like this. i wa out earlier this year and left my quiver at home. boy does that stink carrying arrows by hand climbing into a portible hoping not to drop one or hit my string with broadhead. all hunters out there please keep similar chats going as i wish to learn from others mistakes. i will never live long eough to make all the mistakes possible. i can only hope others will broaden my horizons by sharing thiers with me. thanks and good luck hunting!!!
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