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  1. darkhousefisher

    wheres the ice...

    We found the ice yesterday!! Didn't see any pike (I think that spots gotten piked out), but we did see some nice rainbows. Ayden tried jigging for them, but he didn't have any luck. Maybe next time. Sure was nice to get out.
  2. darkhousefisher

    wheres the ice...

    Our spearing season is the same every year: January 1st through December 31st.
  3. darkhousefisher

    wheres the ice...

    We have ice up here We've had lots of southerly winds this fall, so it has kept the lakes ice free later than normal. I'm hoping to try for some rainbows this weekend, hopefully cut a "Norwegian T.V." by next weekend.
  4. darkhousefisher

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    Yeah I'm still around, lol. I'm working in a power plant now so I got work all year long, unfortunatelly it cuts into my spearing time. I like the money, but I kinda miss having my winters off. As far as ice thickness goes it's about 24 inches in the lakes around here. So far we have had an awesome winter for outdoors activities. It's been staying around mid 20's during the day with lots of sunshine and getting down to single digits at night. No compaints from up here!!
  5. darkhousefisher

    Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    First one of the year.
  6. darkhousefisher

    Darkhousefisher any ice up there yet?

    Met up with some friends with children abou the same age as ours for a fun day on the ice. Didn't catch any fish, but we had lots of fun. They had a blast jigging the decoy and watching it swim round and round, lol. No such thing as too young for icefishing. "FASTER, FASTER!!" Learnin to jig the decoy.
  7. darkhousefisher

    How far north is there ice?

    Just north of 61 degrees we have 7 inches now.
  8. darkhousefisher

    Darkhousefisher any ice up there yet?

    Ayden and I made our first trip of the season today. We didn't see any pike, but it sure felt good to get out and stare at the "Norwegian T.V." for a while. Weather was good at -1 degrees F and the ice was a solid 6" thick. Our camera is starting to die on us so the pics aren't the best, but here's a few from today.
  9. darkhousefisher

    Darkhousefisher any ice up there yet?

    Yes there is ice up here. There's 2-3 inches on most lakes. Not quite thick enough for me yet, but it's getting there. If the weather holds, I plan on making my first trip next weekened.
  10. darkhousefisher

    Alaska work experience

    What kind of work do you want to do?
  11. darkhousefisher

    Taking kids spearing

    I started taking my son Ayden last year. He was 2 1/2 years old at the beginning of the season. I made sure to take lots of toys and snacks for him, to help keep him entertained. It's all about making sure they have fun and enjoy it. There's nothing better than a big frozen lake for flying a kite. It helps them pass the time on those slow days. I always took extra dry clothes for him to be sure he was always warm. I took him out in -25 weather quite often, and he never complained about the cold once, but I would still check his hands and feet throughout the day to be sure they were warm. Buy a bunch of those little disposable handwarmers, they are cheap and work well for keeping fingers and toes warm. Just my $.02. Best of luck.
  12. darkhousefisher

    JUST THINK!!!!

    Say what you want, but spearing one that size is what I call marksmanship. That was Memory lake in Wasilla, AK. There are no slot limits or possesion limits, so we spear every pike we can. The pike in this area were illegaly introduced and are wiping out the native salmon, char, and trout populations and Alaska Fish and Game wants them eradicated, so we try to help any way we can. Hey, if they want me to spear every pike that I can, who am I to argue.
  13. darkhousefisher

    goofy stuff in the hole????????

    Nope, no polar bears, no penguins, just muskrats. They're always good for getting the ole heart jump started when you're zoning out on your decoy, lol.
  14. darkhousefisher

    JUST THINK!!!!

    Ok sorry, here you go: 23" from yesterday friend Greg with a HOG!! I tried to spear one the same size, but it slipped between the tines, lol.
  15. darkhousefisher

    JUST THINK!!!!

    JUST THINK.........if you lived in Alaska you could have gone spearing today too. I'm sorry guys, I don't mean to rub it in (OK, maybe I mean to a little bit.)